Stylish Wayfinding Solutions for Your Office Interior Decor

When designing your office interior, you should make sure that it reflects the vision and logic of your business. At the same time, the interior design of such a facility should meet some formal requirements as well. It goes without saying that the office should be equipped with an efficient wayfinding system that will assist both employees and customers. Moreover, the style of the wayfinding plates shouldn’t be too rough or radiant because it won’t be suitable for the business setting.

What to consider if you are looking for office navigational solutions? In terms of high-quality office door signs — Bsign is the best supplier. This short guide was inspired by its assortment and our own considerations on that matter.

Aesthetics that Complement Functionality

Office aesthetics that reflect that business vision should be formal to some extent but at the same time, it cannot be too hackneyed since this might violate the unique brand identity. To find an efficient solution to these issues, make sure that the visual features of the door plate help it execute its mandatory wayfinding functionality. 

In terms of door signs, you can ensure this by sticking up with the following requirements:

  • Readability: Every symbol on an office door sign should be readable and understandable. That’s why it’s recommended to choose simple fonts and straight lines. 
  • Proper dimensions: Even if you choose the most readable fonts, lettering won’t be readable if you place it on a plate of too small size. At the same time, you should realize that huge plaques might look awkward in a serious business setting of your office.
  • Inclusivity: Modern business should be socially responsible. Proper adjustment to your office wayfinding system is one of the ways to eliminate discrimination against disabled groups in society. For this, you need to ensure compliance with the ADA requirements that regulate the use of special fonts, contrastive colors, and many more aspects.

Customization As the Means of Efficient Branding

For many, adding a personal touch to interior design and preserving a serious formal style in the office seems totally impossible. However, this is a common mistake. Despite the strictness of the office style, there is a way to enhance the unique features of your brand even in such trifle decor elements as door plaques. Customized services are the best possible answer to all your concerns regarding efficient branding through office interior decor.

With high-quality customization, you can use door plaques as the means to reflect your vision regarding style. You are completely free to choose materials, shapes, colors, fonts, dimensions, and even mount methods. Take some time to study the key peculiarities of your brand and communicate them to highly skilled manufacturers who will create a unique set of door signs for you.

The Bsign store is the best place to look for such specialists. Their efficient UV-printing technology and use of durable materials ensure not only proper aesthetics but also longevity of your wayfinding solutions.


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