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Why it is Critical to Have a Hair Loss Consultation

Hair loss is a common condition but can lower confidence and self-esteem in those who experience balding. If you are someone with...
Tea Tree Oil

Top Uses for Tea Tree Oil: From Hair and Skin Care

Tea tree oil, a popular essential oil known for its antibacterial and antiviral benefits as well as treating acne, athlete's foot, contact...
Cure His Hair Loss

Man Has Spent Over $100,000 in One Year to Cure His Hair Loss

38-year-old Gerald Halter has spent over $100,000 on hair loss products when he noticed his receding hair line and balding crown area.


Every year, Turkey welcomes lots and lots of medical tourists from many different parts of the world. The reason for this has...
Hair Loss

Methods You Can Implement Instead of Unverified Hair Loss Products

Hair loss is a problem for both men and women. However, with so many hair loss regimens, there’s a lot of scope for you...