Among the most valuable items in the entire human life is good health. If you have lost your health, the beauty of life begins to fade. However, all is not lost as Doctor Rakesh Malik of Doctors First and his team is dedicated to your requirements and health objectives. They provide extended hours to accommodate your busy schedules. The doctors offer Germantown diabetes treatment, asthma diagnosis and treatment, allergy therapy, and arthritis treatments. Here’s a detailed view of what they entail.

1.      Asthma

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that makes breathing difficult. Dr. Rakesh Malik can provide you with the assistance and care you require if you are suffering from asthmatic shortness of breath and wheezing. The doctor performs a complete pulmonary function exam to determine your lung capacity. The exam determines how effectively your lungs work and how efficiently your body absorbs oxygen. The pulmonary function test not only aids in diagnosing asthma but allows the doctor to track your disease’s course. The treatment plans can include oral drugs, immunotherapy, or inhalers. He’ll check in with you frequently to monitor and analyze your progress after treatment commences.

2.      Allergies

Allergies affect more than 50 million men, women, and children, and the number is growing. Allergies arise when the immune system reacts abnormally to something that is ordinarily innocuous to others. Allergic triggers include different foods, drugs, pollen, animals, and even mold. The skilled staff at Doctors First can assist you in identifying your allergy triggers so that you can recognize and avoid them. Since avoiding every possible allergy trigger is nearly tricky, Dr. Malik may prescribe medication to help you manage your allergy symptoms. In addition to drugs, he also offers immunotherapy, a preventative allergy shot treatment that gradually exposes you to the allergen to develop a tolerance to it over time. Contact the office or schedule an appointment below if you need assistance diagnosing and minimizing the impacts of allergies.

3.      Arthritis

Arthritis can make you unpleasant and slow you down by causing joint discomfort and reduced motion. But not all is lost. Dr. Rakesh Malik and his team will help you with arthritis stiffness, edema, and other symptoms. Because there are various forms of arthritis, your symptoms will vary depending on which one you have. Arthritis symptoms can range from mild to severe, and they might come and go. It’s critical to get a diagnosis as soon as possible to avoid joint injury. Your treatment options will be determined by the type of arthritis you have and how severe it is. The doctors offer full-service arthritis treatment for lower back pain, knee pain, and joint discomfort. The treatment options Dr. Malik provides are injections in the joints, physical therapy, anti-inflammatories, pain relievers, and programs for weight loss. If you need long-term pain management or surgery to address your arthritis, Dr. Malik may recommend you to a specialist.

Good health lowers your stress levels and promotes a happy, healthy existence. Dr. Malik and his team assist you in avoiding sickness and achieving your optimal health. Book an appointment today at Doctors First and let the professionals reduce your stress levels and boost your health levels. 


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