If you come-across wire manipulation daily and require an efficient all-in-one wire machine, you might have searched for a crimping and stripping tools. With a variety of manual and automatic crimpers, strippers, and cutters, you can grab the instrument of your choice and work effectively.

The cable crimping tool from Crescent is one of the best tools for a professional electrician. It’s well-made, easy to use, and can create reliable connections with minimal effort. I also appreciate that it comes with different sizes of crimps so you can work on various jobs without needing to buy additional accessories. Definitely worth the money!

Wire stripping and cutting machines

Working based on simple principles these are heavy-duty machines that perform the job quickly and efficiently. These are used in telecommunication, electrical, mechanical, and many other industries and provide reliable services. Unlike manual strippers, they can cut wires of many types. These operate on all methods, half-strip, mid-strip, and full-strip.

The pneumatic system installed helps in proper wire penetration and heavy-duty stripping. These machines shorten the adjusting time and cut many wires in a short span. These are high-speed, fully automatic, and can produce fine cuts in wires.

Coaxial wire stripping machines

Coaxial wires are the ones that have two conductors on the same axis separated by insulation. They have a ground and the main wire separated by an insulator.

Such wires are used in communications, aerospace, automotive, and medical industries. They are made with high complexity, and working with them requires maximum safety measurements.

There are special coaxial stripping machines that match high-quality and safety requirements. Machines available here have a four-knife system, that ensures the proper stripping of wires from cable ends and the insulation.

These machines have ultramodern designs, accuracy, user-friendly interface, and co-ordinate movement in all planes.

Machines’ accuracy and sensitivity guarantees no potential harm to the wires and perform the task with impeccable proficiency. Semi-automatic and fully automatic machines, all are equally functional and durable.

Small gauge wire stripping machines

For small wires, we have specialized machines to strip the desired coating without damaging the conductors design inspiration.

These machines can cut single-core cables, double polyvinylchloride cables, and isoelectric cables (dual-core). These machines offer to cut in batches, many wires at a time. This is an efficient, accurate, and cost-effective method.

Where the semi-automatic models allow you to change the wire batch, the fully-automatic models are equally methodical.

You can control the depth of the cut produced, the working pressure, and much more according to your preferences. The machines’ features include high-productivity, precise cutting, optimized speed, high durability, easy and stable operation.

Automatic crimping and stripping machines

Talking about long wires which are not easy to handle, the automatic crimping machines are here at your service.

They can handle and crimp these wires accurately and safely. These machines offer precise crimping, appropriate pressure forces, and comfortable service. These cut the wire’s insulation in a perfect circular shape.

In some models, you can control the depth of the cut produced, knife’s number of revolutions against the insulation, and the number of wires to be cut in a batch.

Sensors are also installed in the system to detect a smooth working. These sensors identify the type of wires and cut accordingly without disrupting the conductor.

Machines for quality assurance

You can click here and get the best tools for wire detection, crimp testers, and much more. These test a variety of parameters to ensure the accurate crimping of wire. These parameters include bridge forces of crimps, wire bends, etc.

These tools can also test the quality of the strips, crimps or cuts produced by the machines. They are offered in high-quality designs with simple clamping options for high accuracy. These tools are ideal for quality assurance of wires in all the industries that revolve around proper wiring, for example, telecommunication and automobile industries.

In a nutshell

Crimpers cannot be replaced by pliers or strippers. Every tool in electronics is specially designed for its job. And if you work in the field, you may have an idea of how important and relatively crucial every tool is.

Crimping applicators, testers, and detectors are the center of engineers’ attention, because of their demand in the industrial sector. And much work is being done on enhancing the overall effectiveness of the machine to maximize the products’ quality.

You can acquire the all-in-one wire machines which have inbuilt crimpers, strippers, cutters, detectors, and testers. All you have to do is click here and enter the world of high-quality, durable and trusted wire meddling machines.


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