We have all seen those commercials for a home DNA test kit. They tell you that you can find out more about where you come from, providing a greater accuracy than those old family colloquialisms and second-hand information ever could.

But what are the true benefits of using one of these services? In this guide, you will know a lot more about these DNA kits and what they can offer to you. Here are the four things that you can gain from using a DNA test kit.

1. Find Family

Even if you know and see your parents, siblings, and first cousins, this doesn’t mean that you know where your extended family is. There are also those who have been adopted at an early age and don’t know their birth families.

The great thing about a home DNA test kit like CRI Genetics is that it can help erase doubts about paternity and familial relationships. With both parties’ consent, you have the potential to find lost aunts, uncles, and cousins. You never know what kind of family you may have out there.

2. Learn About Ancestry

Without a doubt, one of the biggest selling points of these kits is finding out about our personal ancestry. You have no doubt heard that you have certain lineage from certain countries, most likely out of the mouth of an older relative. But how reliable is that older relative?

With a DNA test, you can find out with certainty where your heritage and ancestry lay. Perhaps you thought that you had just a little of this nationality when it takes up more of your ancestry than you realized. This can be a great family learning experience that opens the door to where we come from.

3. Solving Court Matters

There is also a very practical use to these tests. When there is a dispute regarding paternity of a child, it can devolve into a he said/she said battle quickly. But with a DNA test, the issue as to the paternity of the child can be definitively proven.

In a court setting, this usually means that one party consents to having their DNA matched to the child to prove whether or not the child belongs to them. It is a clear, unbiased way to prove parentage and allow the legal matter to move in a positive direction.

4. Predict Your Health

While you can’t fully predict your health, a DNA test can open the door to potential issues down the road. There are certain diseases and disorders that are passed down through hereditary genes. By testing for them, it can help healthcare providers determine a preventative course of action.

Even if it doesn’t mean fully stopping these issues from happening, getting a job on treatment methods can make a huge difference in the long term. Don’t be blindsided by a

family health condition; get out ahead of it and ensure that you are getting the proper treatment option.


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