Needless to say, the remote TV control is nearly familiar to everyone. It’s a kind of device that is used to operate the television from a distance;  It’s also a gadget that a child may hold in hands all day long; and it is probably something an adult would instantly go get as soon as he or she is back to home.

Nowadays, a new version of it has been born. It’s called Universal Remote Control. This article is about to introduce this item.

Universal Remote Controls

As we all know, TV remote control is a tool for us to control the TV. Then what’s the need for the one-Universal remote control?

The main significance of the universal remote control for TV

Suppose you equip your home with the electronic device like the TV of Samsung, LG, or Sony. In these cases, you may respectively purchase three kinds of remote controls for them, which means each time you want to operate a device and you have to fetch the right one for it. Will it drive you crazy when having to distinguish the correct one from others? Also, owning multiple remote controls requires you to buy different kinds of batteries; in other words, you’ll naturally spend more money or even more time to make these remote controls work.

So there is a need for the universal remote control.

Literally a universal remote control has all the properties a traditional one has. Its magic lies in the fact that it can control different types of devices.

Application of the Universal Remote control

Generally, a Universal remote control for TV is the most common one. Most of them can be applied to LCD/LED/HDTV universal remote TV. Besides, some can also be applied to equipment like the audio player, media center, video player, DVD, home theater PC, etc.

Apart from the fact that it has such wide applications, it has shining points as followed.


  • One-fit-all tool for controlling the TV. Equipped with a universal remote control, you’re able to freely control your devices like the TV, DVD, blue-ray, etc. With Systo’s URC1511, a LCD TV Remote, it can operate different TV devices such as Samsung, LG, Sony TV, etc. There’ re no more needs to use piles of remote controls.
  • Be able to make peace with yourself. Hold just one universal remote control in a hand,  you nearly are not bothered to walk back and forth between the right remote control to turn the TV on, which allows you to have more peace of mind.
  • Save the time of “getting to know”. For you just have one remote control, you are expected to learn one interface instead of having to learn different interfaces of remote controls. The shorted learning time for it makes it great convenience for the olds and the children
  • Save money. Owning just a single remote control means there is one kind of battery needed. You don’t need to buy several sorts of batteries, which can save money to some extent.
  • Glow in the dark. Some kinds of universal remote controls are able to glow in the dark, which is helpful to locate the device even in the dark; thus, there is a low risk of losing it.
  • Born to be adoptable. For some universal remote controls, it’s quite easy to set it up and get it ready for equipment of different brands like TV of various brands. Amazingly, Some even needn’t to be set up. For instance, Systo’s URC1511 can be directly used without being set up. It’s applicable to Samsung, LG and Sony TV. In this case, it will take you no time to deal with it before using it to change the channel. In addition, mostly it has an instruction which is easy to follow. After that, you can control your device with ease. Embracing all these attractive traits, a Universal remote control is capable of lightening up people’s life when they are watching TV, listening to music, etc

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