The Most Important Skills To Know When Learning Excel

Most Important Skills To Know When Learning Excel

If you have never used Excel before or are only acquainted with the absolute basics, it can feel like there’s an overwhelming amount to learn. The software has so many formulas, shortcuts and options to know that it can seem like a massive puzzle without a guide. But once you start learning the tools that you need to master this software, you will quickly discover that this is a program that gives you tools and freedom. Here are some of the essential skills to know when learning Excel.

Sorting And Filtering Data

One of the most common uses for Excel is organizing data. This means you’ll be able to structure your spreadsheets how you want them once all the data has been inputted. Knowing how to do this confidently will save you a lot of time and allow you to find what you’re looking for easily. Businesses are going through a big push towards digital that will only get more expansive. Showing you can handle essential Excel skills will make you stand out whether you apply for a job or vie for a promotion. So let’s take a look.

Pivot Tables

One of the most useful things that Excel offers is the ability to crunch a large amount of data into something digestible. A pivot table allows you to decide how you want to organize that data and display it as you like. You can decide to go into more detail or see an aggregated figure. If this sounds a bit complex, there are simple, short classes out there. For example, the ZandaX Excel crash course is delivered at several levels, including a four-course package that will take you from basics to advanced user of Microsoft Excel. There are no ads, and no app is needed: run them direct from your smartphone or PC.

Locking Cells And Spreadsheets

If you’re collaborating on a project with several coworkers, there will be times when you want to be sure that the work you’ve already done is not changed. With Excel, you can lock individual cells or entire spreadsheets to ensure that your data will remain protected even if other things are changed. This kind of simple security makes a big difference. 

Learning The Shortcuts

If it sometimes seems like your coworkers can use Excel with uncanny ease, it may be because they have learned how to use the keyboard shortcuts. This may sound like we’re making things a little rudimentary, but Excel allows you to go far beyond cutting and pasting. There are so many formulas you can use. You can switch between tabs on your worksheet, insert links, and more, so you can give your mouse a break! 

Charts And Graphs

Speaking of presenting data, one of the most valuable skills you will learn when you get to grips with Excel is creating charts and graphs. The software provides so many different options to help you illustrate the data you have compiled in a way that your audience will understand. The more confidence you gain with Excel, the more confidence you will achieve in these kinds of presentations. 

Wrap Up

As you can see from this short article, there is a lot you can learn, in a short time, that will transform how you use Microsoft Excel. So maybe a crash course is an option you can consider.