For the first time in 60 years, the Oscars carpet is not red

The stars attending the awards ceremony Sunday will walk on a pale beige carpet

For the first time in 60 years

For the past sixty years, despite numerous alterations to the Oscars ceremony, one aspect has remained constant: its red carpet. While it may have shifted in hue and tone throughout that time period, you can always rely on this vibrant runner of style!

On Wednesday, right outside the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, a weary yet vibrant beige carpet was revealed as Jimmy Kimmel – host of Sunday’s upcoming 95th Academy Awards – anxiously watched on.

“By opting for a champagne carpet, instead of the traditional red one, we demonstrate our trust that there will be no violent altercations,” Kimmel proclaimed confidently.


Lisa Love and Raul Avila, two renowned innovation consultants, made the progressive choice to alter the color of the red carpet for The Oscars. This event has been a staple in Hollywood since 1961 when Billy Wilder’s film “The Apartment” won Best Picture at the 33rd Academy Awards ceremony. Additionally, Burt Lancaster and Elizabeth Taylor were both recognized as best actor/actress with Bob Hope hosting festivities.

For the first time, movie-goers were able to view the celebratory red carpet in all its technicolour glory when ABC televised the 1966 Academy Awards.

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