There are a lot of nature lovers out there. But, if you have ever had an issue with birds nesting on your property, you might not feel the same. The truth is, birds can be pests when it comes to buildings. They like to hang out in tall places, particularly on ledges and windowsills. This can cause a lot of problems that people do not like to talk about. Namely, their droppings can be acidic and damage buildings, as well as them driving away customers on commercial property.

For a lot of property owners, anti-bird systems are the way forward. But, there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to these systems. This is particularly true when it comes to anti-bird spike systems. We want to take a look at this and share the truth about how they work.

They Are Not Harmful

First of all, one of the biggest misconceptions about anti-bird spike systems is that they are going to harm pigeons and seagulls, as well as smaller birds. However, this is not true. In fact, it is important to point out that this is not what they are designed to do nor are they capable of harming any birds. Namely, they are designed to be a non-harmful deterrent to birds that want to nest on buildings.

It is necessary to point out that spike systems are installed to act as a barrier. Birds like to make nests and rest in high spots on buildings. This creates a high vantage point for them where they can feel safe from predators, as well as watch over a food source. For a lot of buildings, this is going to be on high ledges, as well as windowsills. When spikes are installed, they block the area that the bird likes. The purpose is to take away the ledge so that the birds cannot land on it. It is a barrier that stops a nest from being creating.

In this way, spikes are not out to harm the birds. The spikes have blunt tips so a bird cannot hurt itself. The way the spikes are fanned out is designed to provide no space for a bird to land. Thus, they cannot choose this spot for their home. They will have to find somewhere else to go. Again, it is worth saying that bird spikes are not harmful to birds.

They are Easy to Install

For property owners, the thought of having anti-bird spike systems installed is a lot of hassle. In fact, many people think that it is going to damage their building. But, this is not true. In fact, anti-bird spikes are actually very easy to install and they are not going to cause damage to the building. They are attached with a high tack adhesive to any ledges on a building. This is going to prevent any drilling or permanent damage to brickwork or other materials on a property. This adhesive is designed to deal with different weather conditions and it is going to stay in place for a long time.

An expert is going to be able to install an anti-bird spike system quickly. Since birds like to nest and rest in high spots, it is best to let a professional with experience install that those heights. Indeed, it can be dangerous for novices and you want to ensure that it is installed correctly.

They are Durable and Long Lasting

The chances are, if you have a problem with birds, you are going to have to solve the issue permanently. In other words, you want to make an investment that lasts. Thankfully, this is exactly what an anti-bird spike system is going to do for you. A lot of people are under the impression that the spikes will break and they are thin and flimsy. However, this is another misconception about the system.

Anti-bird spike systems are made from a polycarbonate base. This includes having steel spikes that are going to spot the birds from landing. The design is corrosion resistant, which means that it is going to be able to deal with different weather conditions. In particular, there are 304-316 grade stainless steel spikes that are going to be rust proof. Therefore, you know that you are going to be making an investment for your building that is going to last. What’s more, once it is installed, that is all the hard work done. There is no maintenance required for this system.

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