Commercial Furniture identifies with decorations that have been explicitly structured and tried for use in business insides where they will be used regularly or constantly be large volumes of individuals over long periods.

Restoring a current business, or beginning another one can be a significant enormous and unpleasant task. With so many factors of elements to consider, for example, income and lead times also making an aesthetically satisfying business inside that makes your clients need to return on various occasions. In any case, it is human instinct to manage with what you have and hold off that investment for quite a while in the future. Adage commercial furniture and Perth customers rely on us for high quality hospitality furniture.

As expected, it might be appealing, particularly for new businesses to use residential furniture in your business inside. It’s regularly less expensive, you may have an old sofa or some dining chairs at home that you think might be reasonable or you may even think of buying second-hand local furniture to use in your cafe or restaurant.

The differences between commercial and residential:

The distinction between commercial and residential furniture has nothing to do with looks, even though residential furniture is frequently viewed as more stylishly satisfying. Rather, it’s all about construction. As we said above, business furniture needs to withstand consistent utilization and misuse on account of clients and staff. Therefore, it is made with heavier materials. Business manufacturers frequently utilize 16 or 18 measure steel is used rather than the 22 or 24 checks found in retail furniture. While residential wood furniture is normally produced using less costly, softer woods like rubber-wood, business-grade wood furniture is produced using hardwoods like European Beech-wood. Additionally, fabrics must be cut strong, tear strength, and stain strong, which implies vinyl versus leather and acrylic versus cotton. Finally, commercial furniture needs to hold up when clients of all sizes use it, so it likewise, for the most part, has mortise and join joinery, and additional propping.

Commercial furniture can cost more than residential furniture (although not generally) but is less expensive when you consider cost peruse. As we mentioned above, commercial furniture can easily be used multiple times or more than residential furniture, but it regularly costs just 2-3 times as much, making it financially effective for cafes, bars, hotels, and workplaces. 

Types of commercial furniture:


A lot of the office work is usually done on these desks. The key role of an office desk is to give a perfect surface for either checking, writing and examining.

Desks must also be a position where you can have some room for your files, papers, stationery, and supplies that you need to use. The fact is that the productivity of an employee is directly linked to the efficiency of the desk they are using. Therefore, when you’re choosing a good quality desk, you have to keep the cost in mind, good appearance, easy moving and how easy it is to keep the desk clean.

commercial furniture

When you are looking for a commercial desk, you will see many different types of desks. The ones that you’ll commonly see are typing desks, staff desks, clerical desks, secretarial desks, and other particular desks.

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Chairs are one of the key objects that you require in your office or store. However, your staff will spend the majority of their time staying on these chairs. Therefore, this will not just influence their performance at the office as it will affect their physical health as well. So when you’re purchasing a commercial chair, you have to make it clear that it is a comfortable chair. As this not only affects your staff, this will affect your customers also.


Cabinets are generally used for papers, filing documents, folders, books, and others. Typically, these cabinets are crafted from steel and they are usually used as they are not only secure but also very long-lasting.


Gondola shelf is a freestanding fixture used in stores to display products. It mainly consists of a base and hanging systems such as slat-walls, hangers or notches. Gondola has been widely used in different type of retail store for decades because of its versatility.


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Point of Sales Materials (POSM), shelves that draw the attention of consumers on the products. 

One Plus Display Products

One Plus Display Products, as one of the leading POSM manufacturers in China and globally, has more than 20 years of experience in working with many retail brands of different industries and has won recognition from them.

In addition to POSM, we also produce gas stations store facilities, signage, KV (Key Vision) design, etc.

We always keep “creating value for clients” philosophy and strive to deliver comprehensive retail solution including consulting, design, prototyping production, manufacturing, logistic, warehousing, installation and after-sales maintenance service to each client.

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