Your popularity on Instagram heavily depends on how many people follow you. Thus it’s essential to grow your follower base on this popular social media channel. You might be wasting a chunk of your hours doing things which might not be useful at all. You can easily Buy 10k Instagram Followers at BUZZVOICE and make your account bigger. 

So it’s important to step away from such things, and focus your attention on those aspects which are going to add to your follower base for sure.

So say NO  to sleepless nights,  starvation and complete lack of social life. It’s time to get real and do things that are actually effective in a smart manner:

Networking Is Crucial:

Think about this in a different manner. For instance, what do you do when you start a new job. Your first aim is to find like-minded people or colleagues with whom you can become friends.

Blogging works in a similar manner.

If you are fixated on writing friendly posts for your acquaintances and family then step away from that stand. This is a lesson hard learned, but it’s crucial. The moment you break this routine you will be able to see clearer.

To be a successful blogger, and to get more followers you have to treat this as a business from the very beginning. Your target should be to network with bloggers in all stages. Do not discriminate amongst the bloggers, those who are starting out are as crucial as those who are experienced and highly popular. Connect with all of them.

Get In Touch With Fellow Bloggers While Growing:

Though you can build relationships on all social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the most popular ones.

In that light, if you are frequent on Twitter, then make it a point to join Twitter Chat.

These are weekly chats hosted by popular bloggers who pop up questions with related hashtags and the followers reply to these questions. It is advisable to join Tweetdeck as it helps one with chat management.

Engage with more people by commenting on their post and follow them if you like their content.

This applies to Instagram as well. Additionally, make use of Insta Pods to build relationships with your fellow bloggers and they are great for these purposes. You never know when you find a great opportunity while hanging out on these social media platforms. You might get a citation at their official website or might get a chance to guest blogging for their business blog page. As a blogger you need to find out the ways to grow yourself and social media is a great platform.

Have A Casual Social Media Relationship:

This is a very important point. It’s important to maintain a non-formal relationship with most of the fellow bloggers you meet on Instagram.  Do not step back from offering your fellow bloggers support when they need it.

But make it a point to share your advice ONLY. Not your agenda. You do not want to be mistaken like this when you are trying to build a stage for yourself.

Take Note Of The Pictures You Share:

There is no point is sharing poor quality pictures on Instagram. The moment you stop doing that and start sharing good quality images which are edited using professional tools, or the best tools for Instagram automation you will notice a significant rise in the level of engagement on your photos.

Set a perfect tone and composition for all the images that you share on Instagram. It is advisable to use a particular type of filter on Instagram and there are lots of options to choose from. Your followers should know that the pictures are yours.

You can do this by sharing pictures which have a watermark, or you can apply tones to make them stand out. To make it easy for you. Download some high quality copyright free images and edit them with Canva, add a logo to the pictures and make them your own.

If you are posting photos on Instagram, make sure you are following the right size. Instagram follows a size of 1080 x 1080 square. So suit your images as per that dimension. Canva even has a bunch of templates to create beautiful instagram pictures.

Increase The Frequency Of Your Posts:

Your followers will only remember you when you post on a regular basis. This is how basic psychology works. Humans remember things which are hammered on them every now and then.

You have to post on a regular basis and that too in a given time. When you continue with this practice for some time, your followers will become used to that. Gradually, if your content is good, they will look forward to seeing your post at that time of the day.

You can make use of Instagram stories for this purpose too. In addition to making grand picture posts on Instagram, make use of the stories and post regular updates there. Of course, the quality of content shared on both must be premium.

Buy Instagram Followers Online:

Though many people think that it’s a sin to take this path, a lot of bloggers use this method to grow their follower base automatically. If you are confused about this ask yourself a question, don’t you get attracted to a profile which has more than 10k followers? Don’t you wish to know a little more about the owner of the profile? We all do!!!

That is why buying Instagram followers online is so effective. Plus if you have more than 10k followers on Instagram, you can add links to the story section of your profile! That link can be of your website, your new blog, anything. So use these methods and get more followers for Instagram. Grow your popularity in a positive manner!

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