Things Girls Want to Hear

Things Girls Want to Hear

Well, with that you can choose any of the following options to go with: Good Luck!!!!!!

A. Ordinary:

  • don’t ever change, you are perfect the way you are.
  • being here with you is the only place I ever want to be
  • you are gorgeous
  • you have the most beautiful eyes.
  • you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on
  • I love your smile
  • I love it when you laugh

B. Indirect Compliments Very subtle at first.

  • I like this color.
  • You’re right.

C. Direct Compliments Excellent for first approach.

  • I like your shirt. I like your skirt… I like your earrings.
  • I like your bracelet. Can I see it?
  • I like your bag… I love the sound of your voice.

D. Sensual

  • I like your hair.
  • I like the way you dress.
  • Your hair looks so soft.
  • Hmmm… you smell good.

E. Direct Body Compliments

  • Nice legs! But be careful with it. Girls usually don’t like that, unless they like you already or your name is George Clooney.!!!!! :)

F. Top compliments

  • You’re gorgeous.
  • You’re very pretty.
  • You look beautiful tonight.

These top compliments will make her Yours Right Away. You will have her between your hands!


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