5 Things in a Heart Shape for Your Love


Heart Shape

  1. Make a heart-shaped pizza.
  2. Your initials in a heart in skywriting.
  3. Cut the kitchen sponges into heart shapes.
  4. While out at a formal dinner, nonchalantly draw a heart on the back of his hand with a pen.
  5. Have a heart-shaped pool built.

More Ideas:
. Your initials in a heart on wet cement in a sidewalk.
. Trace a heart shape in fogged-up windows.
. Your initials in a twenty-foot heart in the snow.

Elizabeth Turner, born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on May 14, 1979. She has a Bachelor Degree in Human Resources. Elizabeth joined 5 BestThings on Jan 3, 2011 and worked as an editor specialized in Romance and Relations section.