Things to Avoid Doing on a First Date

You met through friends, through work or at a bar. You got along, they made you laugh and you want to see if you have more of a connection. Numbers are exchanged and the first date is planned, now you need to make sure you don’t ruin it. There are a lot of ways a first date can go wrong, more than likely it may just mean you and your date aren’t compatible, but there are a few things you can avoid to make it go more smoothly.

Keep it Safe & Simple

A drink, dinner and then a walk home. Sounds boring, right? Here’s the thing, while it may sound tempting to plan a date that includes water-skiing, laser tag and a dine in the dark event, all these high-intensity things will mean you don’t actually spend a lot of time getting to know your date. Use this time to do something that allows you to connect but also gives you a chance to get to know each other. If you want to inject a little excitement, consider a carnival or amusement park that will allow lots of time for talking.
Also, nix the movie. If you’re a polite moviegoer, you certainly won’t be talking to your date.

Be on time

This may seem like a no brainer, but consider a first date like an interview. If you show up late for a date, you’re telling the person that you had better things to do and that their time doesn’t matter. You want to come across as reliable, likeable and caring and showing up late says neither of these things. There’s a place and time for being fashionably late and it’s not when a first date is waiting for you at the restaurant.

2 Drink Rule

It’s not uncommon to have a glass of wine with dinner on a first date. You’re meeting someone news and can be nervous about first impressions and how things will go, but there’s a line between a relaxed glass of beer and doing tequila shots before 8:00PM. Getting drunk on a first date is no go. You could embarrass yourself and your date and no one wants to see someone throw up within the first hour of meeting him or her.
Keep it classy and keep your drinks to two or less for the first time out.

Ex-cuse me

Nothing is faster turn off than when a date starts talking about their ex. Be it with fond memories or scathing remarks, it says nothing good for the burgeoning relationship you’re bludgeoning by discussing your past relationships. Discussing your ex in any capacity on a first date suggests you’re not ready to be there and that
the person sitting across from you will always play second fiddle to your ex. Remember, your old relationship ended for a reason. Focus on the person you’re with.

Strange Signs

We know you want every first date to turn into something memorable and beautiful, but that’s not always the case. Usually a date that goes bad is just a matter of two people not getting along, but if something feels strange don’t ignore it. It could be a warning sign of things to come. If your date has said something you really don’t agree with, don’t feel like you have to ignore it and see them again.

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