Things to Consider for Buying a Computer by the IT Shop Kenya

Living in Kenya allows you to buy the best computer since the best IT shop Kenya is reliable and trusted. More than anything, considering several aspects before buying a computer in general. 

Buying the right computer will help you with your work. And this is anything you need to know before buying the right computer.

Online or in-store purchase?

Where you buy the computer does matter. If you decide to buy a computer online, you better know the specs of the unit you will buy. Also, make sure the store is trusted. 

More than anything, buying a computer online allows you to read the reviews from other buyers. Again, if you live in Kenya, you can check out the IT shop Kenya. Other than computers, you can find other products like smartphones, accessories for computers, and so on. 

However, if you are not sure about the online thing, trying the in-store purchase is a good thing. You can check the item directly and try on it first.

The operating system

Today, there are three popular operating systems on the market: Windows, Mac, and Chrome. When it comes to choosing a desktop or laptop computer, make sure you choose an OS that is familiar for you yet compatible to other devices you own. 

It helps when you need to sync files and information. Choosing an operating system can also be done by checking the apps you will use. It would be such a bummer when the OS doesn’t support the apps you are using before. 

Meanwhile, if you are not sure about your choice, feel free to ask the retailer. The most important thing is that the device supports your daily work.

Desktop PC or laptop?

Depending on what you need, these two things have different fortes. If you plan to leave your computer at a specific plate when you don’t need to bring it around, a desktop pc would work best. 

Other than that, the repair and upgrade costs are quite cheaper than a laptop PC. On the other hand, if you need a computer that supports your mobility, a slim laptop will work best. 

Still, you need to weigh the pros and cons of a laptop before buying one. Choosing a product that supports your work the most is what you need.


Another important thing about choosing the right computer is taking a look at the processor. This the thing that regulates the logic of a computer – just take it as the brain of the machine. 

If the processor is fast, the computer will also run the programs fast. Faster processors are marked with a higher number of GHz or Gigahertz. It may affect the price but it is worth every penny you spend.

RAM and everything about it

Some people take RAM as a truck that brings what you need for the warehouse to the front store. It affects how fast your computer regulates every command. When you use the hard drive, the process will be much slower. 

Also, higher RAM means better management inside your computer. However, the amount of RAM you can install in your computer might be limited depending on the type of computer in the first place. 

Again, choosing the RAM is essential and directly related to the task you do with your computer. Asking the retailer would be a huge help in choosing the right RAM.

Hard drive capacity

The hard drive is the thing that keeps your files, apps, software, and everything on your computer. Take this item as the storage or warehouse. It serves as long-term memory. 

Computers today can take up to several terabytes for the hard drive. Keep in mind that the SSD or solid-state drive is faster than a traditional disk drive. 

On the other hand, if you use cloud rage more, the amount of space in the hard drive wouldn’t bother you as much.


There are a lot of things you need to consider before buying a computer. Other than that, the place where you buy your computer does matter a lot. If you live in Kenya and need computers or other devices to support your daily life, feel free to hit the IT shop Kenya.


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