Finding a nice place to go and relax your mind after demanding days at work or for your honeymoon can be tricky. It can be more challenging if you’ve got many options but unsure what’s good about the place. Let’s look at the things you can do/ places to visit and where to stay while visiting Victoria.

About it

If you want a place to unwind and enjoy beautiful sceneries, go to Victoria, a state in southeast Australia. Its capital city is Melbourne, and it has a population of around 6.359 million. It has beautiful mountains, national parks, and beaches and accessible through road, air, and water.

Places to Visit and Things to Do

There are a lot of things to do in Victoria which can keep you busy throughout the day. You can go to various cafes and restaurants and enjoy the local foods which are tasty and fresh.

Grampians National Park

You can go to Grampians national park and enjoy seeing waterfalls and attractive wildflowers. There are also several birds in this park, so you can come for bird viewing.

The Great Ocean Road and Torquay

If you want to enjoy beach life go to Torquay. You can surf the waters, sunbathe and even swim.

Another place is the great ocean road which is Australian heritage that’s 243km away from Torquay. When here you’ll get to relax in various mountains as you view other towns around. You’ll also see the famous 12 apostles.

Otway National Park

Go to Otway national park if you love to go for zipline or driving on the great ocean road.

Philips Island

While on Philips island, two hours’ drive from the mainland, you’ll see penguins. To see the penguins, time them late in the evening as they return to the shore. You can view them from various points according to your choice. You can also swim, surf, go to the Kaola conservation centre and see some precious old animals.

Wilsons Promontory

You can go and watch kangaroos, echidnas, wombats, and emus in Wilsons promontory national park. You can also go camping here since the animals are friendly.


If you want to have an in-depth insight history of this town, go to Bendigo, which is just two hours away from Melbourne. While here you’ll get to know the famous architectural structure in the city. Also, you can go to the tramway’s museum, the golden dragon museum, and the discovery of the gold monument.

Mornington Peninsula

To escape from the busy Melbourne town, go to Mornington peninsula during the day. This place has the best wineries, berries, and cherries. It also has mushrooms, both edible and poisonous so ask the guides there to take you through. Plan not to miss the great peninsula walks and attractive shacks along the beach.

Healesville Sanctuary

Go to Healesville sanctuary, which is in Yarra valley, and enjoy the wildlife in a natural habitat. You can get a kiss on the cheek from a dingo while playing various games with the animals.

Foods and Accommodation

As you tour different places within this state, you’ll enjoy delicious meals, including a vegetarian diet. There are Donut, Chiko roll, and dim sims, some of the popular dishes here. You can eat or drink your favourite wine from any restaurant of your choice.

For accommodation while in this state, choose a hotel or boutique. However, it’s advisable to reside in a place near where you’ll be touring to save on time. You can settle for tree house accommodation in the Great Ocean Road and get the best services. It’s very affordable and has full-time access to the network and Wi-Fi. You can also bring along your pet as there’s a reservation for them. All you need to do is book a room of your choice and enjoy your stay and tour.


Since you can reach Melbourne by plane from all over the world, come and enjoy this beautiful scenery. It has great sites for sporting activities, attractive viewpoints, and a beach. You can also go camping as you eat and drink various fresh foods and wines.


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