Well, most of the young generation and even “young at heart” people’s dream travel destination is the landscape filled with massive glaciers! Yes, Iceland it is!

I would like to reveal some of the things that I wish I had known before visiting this mesmerizing place. To make your visit is error-free and glitches-free, I recommend you to read on the couple of things which can save you from committing the same mistakes as other travelers did!

Without further ado, let’s get going with the major 7 things you should know before traveling to Iceland:

1. Better to skip visiting Blue Lagoon:

Unless you are keen to visit the over-the-top priced, man-made “heaven”! Not only it costs around $60 per person, but also it is so crowded that you cannot really enjoy the essence of being present. 

You have to book in advance to visit this expensive place. So, backpackers, we’re sorry! Well, the good news is that you can enjoy the same ambiance by visiting lots of other local pools which makes you feel it is worth the cost!

Blue Lagoon

You can check out Kopavogslaug wherein you treat yourself with the bubble beds. Also, if you visit Reykjavik, you definitely should rush to the city’s oldest pool Sundhollin!

2. Winter “resolution”:

If you’re planning to visit Iceland, then, try to visit during winters so that you don’t miss out the spectacular “magazine cover pages” right in front of you!

If you want to experience the most authentic, honest whiteness amidst the blue sky, storms that make you realize how flexible the Icelanders are, then, winter is the time!

Winter "resolution

If you are a party animal, then, the Icelandic new year has something special for you which is filled with loads of firecrackers “up above the world so high”!  

Well, all the snowboarders, put your snowboards on! Taking your freeride snowboard boots to witness another level of freezing excitement is what Iceland promises! Trust me, you’ll love it!

3. Don’t ignore the road and weather conditions:

There is a high probability that you may witness “The white wall,” i.e., a huge blowing snow bluster which totally reduces your visibility that you cannot do anything but to stop and wait!

There have been so many incidents as such which have resulted in serious damages and even deaths because of the ignorance of weather.

So, before you head to such areas or if you are in such areas, make sure you give complete attention to the warnings and signboards and follow the rules accordingly.

4. Hardfiskur- Yum yum!

Now, imagine a cold fish which has been dried and merely salted. Mouthwatering! Isn’t it? Hardfiskur is a snack that you can treat your tummy with. Who doesn’t love the idea of the packets enriched with protein with an equal amount of deliciousness?


This under $10 packet can keep your tummy full for long hours! But, remember, you need to put some effort if you want to taste this deliciousness by simply tearing off the fish strips.


All the food lovers, smear some butter on the strip. You’ll know why after tasting!

5. Northern lights say a big hello by themselves! You don’t have to search for it!:

Well, most of us choose to visit Iceland is to watch the vibrant, colorful northern lights. The Northern lights can be easily visible to our naked eye without having to put any effort trying to find it.

The sole reason some people start searching for the Northern lights is that we think that they are visible throughout the time.

Just so you know, the visibility of the Northern lights depends on factors that matter such as cloud, weather, and even pollution.

So, while you are driving, stay focused on the road rather than curiously finding the Northern lights. Trust me, if they appear, then, they are definitely visible.

You can also drive to a place that has high auroral activity based on forecasts. Park your vehicle safely, be patient, and make yourself comfortable while waiting for the lights to appear. 

Rental company Cozy Campers has campervans designed for hunting the northern lights and other sights too. Book a winter camper in Iceland here. 

6. Say No to the taxi while going to or coming from the airport:

Well, there’s no harm in saying “yes” if you are filthy rich! If you are not so keen on dropping 100 bucks of your hard earned money in the driver’s pocket, then, you can opt for the shuttle service at Keflavik airport.

Also, if you made a small effort in pulling yourself up to the main terminal, then, you can see another option waving at you every half an hour.

Yes, FlyBus it is! The flybus here covers most of the hotels located in Reykjavik. If not, you can get down in the BSI bus terminal which is in the city center and reach your destination which can save you from being “legally” mugged!

Once you complete “making memories in Iceland,” you can again opt for any of the 2 convenient options to head back to the airport.

And hey! Don’t forget to leverage the advantage of getting Free Wi-Fi!

7. Make sure your food bag and gas tank is full:

Don’t be surprised if you’re stuck somewhere in the middle of your drive!

As you know, Iceland’s weather is unpredictable. Thus, we advise you to have a bag filled with food and snacks and don’t forget to keep your gas tank full.

Never underestimate this dramatic landscape’s ability by judging “It’s just a 20-minute drive!”. Never! You never know when you’ll be stuck sitting by the side of the road cursing the blinking hazard lights and munching the not-so-tummy-filling snack you just ignorantly bought!  

So, how did you enjoy this “tiny city tour to the facts of Iceland”? I am sure you are pretty much awakened by the things you should know before traveling to Iceland!

All right then! Are you ready to enjoy indulging in the serene beauty? I am sure you will return with loads of “frozen” experiences! Happy traveling!


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