Exercising while listening to music allows some to tolerate long periods of training, while others motivate them to run faster; Be that as it may, we offer you some tips to choose the best headphones

Listening to music is a more bearable and fun way to run, but it is essential to have the right headphones for that purpose. Well, if you use ones that cause constant problems, you will end up abandoning them and you will waste the motivation that running you listening to music gives you. Surely, you will appreciate a couple of tips to know what characteristics you should take into account when choosing the best headphones when you go running.

Headphone designs for running

There is a wide range of headphones of all kinds on the market, but it should be mentioned that not all are suitable for running. So, it is time to discard the idea that with all headphones you get the same result. Here we detail some headphones for you to know them better:

  • With headband or tape

The advantage is that they have good audio quality, the trouble is that usually weigh a bit and annoy the time to run.

  • With headband on the neck

Although they have excellent sound, they have the peculiarity that they are uncomfortable when high speeds are reached. This is due to excess movement that comes to exert on the neck. Body sweating can reduce its lifespan.

  • Ear hook

Since this system hooks on your ear, it reduces the risk of it coming off while you run. Depending on the person using it, the disadvantage lies in the level of resistance within the auditory cavity, since it does not offer variety in the position of placement around the ear. Highly recommended for runners.

  • Intraural

You can find them of any brand, color and audio quality. However, if you sweat a lot, you risk getting it out of your ear.

Wired headphones or wireless headphones?

If we talk about comfort, bluetooth headphones are the best option, by dispensing with the cables you will have more freedom to move. You just have to remember that the more comfort the higher the cost, so you must be willing to pay a little more.

In terms of economy, the wired headphones are definitely the cheapest. In addition, they are quite simple, since they do not add the complication that wireless have regarding charging or discharging the battery.


How to choose the best headphones when you go running?

When you listen to music while running, it takes into account both the audio quality and the comfort, resistance and cost. Also, when you go looking for the best headphones when you go running, keep in mind the following factors:

  • Charge time

You need to charge your headphones for at least 2 to 4 hours for the battery to be fully operational.

  • Operation period

This refers to how long you last listening to music or talking. You should have no problem getting some headphones that last several practice sessions without having to charge them. Look for ones that last between 5 and 6 hours charged so that they do not discharge you in a practice or competition.

  • Make them compatible

In view of the constant advancement of technology, you should choose headphones that are compatible with the device you own. If they do not meet this requirement, it is useless to have the best headphones when you go running, because you will not be able to use them.

  • They endure perspiration

Not all headphones are sweat resistant, so try to get ones that can withstand long periods of training. Verify that the power buttons or controls have a security measure that prevents liquid access.

  • Water resistant

This feature is very important, because you can run in the rain without having to worry about your headphones. They will not be the best headphones when you go running but they have this essential element.

  • Measurements

It is suggested to use those that are smaller in size and weight, so they will not be a hindrance when you run at high speed. Choose running headphones that stay fixed inside the ear and don’t accidentally come off while running.

  • Buttons for function management

If you want to be able to manage the music you listen to, choose headphones that have volume and playback controls. For example, if you want to repeat a song, advance it, pause it or play it, these functionalities will be useful for you.

  • Connectivity and interference

This applies in the case of bluetooth headphones, whose wireless connection can present connection problems and most likely interference. If you want to prevent problems of this type, avoid buying imitations of well-known brands.

As it is fashionable to run with headphones, the demand for these accessories has increased, so manufacturers are forced to make further improvements. So, do not settle for a little to choose the best headphones to go running. Must visit this website if you’re looking for running headphone n budget: https://headphonecritics.com/best-bone-conduction-headphones/