When hosting guests at your home, taking advantage of outdoor spaces can be relaxing and fun. Sitting outside on a warm evening is a great way to enjoy the summer months. While indoor hosting is fun with small number of guests, you have to explore the option of hosting outdoors if you are expecting a larger number of people to attend your party.

However, outdoor hosting can be challenging if you don’t have the right setup. Depending on your home layout, you may not have easy access to food and beverages. The interior design Malibu homeowners prefer to solve this with connected outdoor and indoor spaces. Nonetheless, preparing for effortless outdoor hosting takes some planning.

  1. Pick Natural Colors: Accentuate the beauty of your outdoor spaces. Pick soft, natural colors for your furniture. Colors like white, light blue, off-white are some of the most commonly used colors for interiors. But you can be extra creative for outdoor space.  
  2. Set Up Stations: Food is a major part of any event. Prepare food stations to make it easier for guests to get what they want. If you are arranging a large event, having two food stations might give your guests more flexibility and access to the foods they want.
  3. Don’t Get Too Complicated: Part of the fun of outdoor hosting is the relaxation. Don’t over complicate your style, it will take away from the low-key feel. Have as many types of sitting arrangements as you can to allow your guests choose the best locations for their relaxation and fun.
  4. Layer Your Lighting: If you plan on hosting in the evening, get plenty of lighting. Multiple outdoor lights work best to create a soft, layered feel. Perfect lighting is what can create the best ambiance for a memorable and fun event for your guests.
  5. Get Adequate Seating: It may sound silly, but make sure you have enough seats. People like to be able to sit down and it can be harder to grab a chair when outside. Yes, not everybody will be seating all the time but having available seats for all is a must.
  6. Use What You Have: Take advantage of your existing architecture and nature. If your design integrates with the space, it will create a nice, natural feel.
  7. Keep Things Cool: It can get hot on summer evenings. Grab some ice buckets for drinks or set up an outdoor refrigerator. Keeping your guests well hydrated is important especially if your event is especially going to take few hours. 
  8. Spread Out The Sound: As with the look and the lighting, the sound should be relaxed. Spread out your speakers to keep things audible but not overpowering.

Finding the Right

Creating the ideal space for outdoor hosting isn’t always easy. So, it can be beneficial to get professional help. With the right interior design firm Santa Barbara, Malibu, LA and other California residents can make the most of their outdoor spaces.

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