Nowadays digital marketing, especially its SEO element, is all the rage. It isn’t like its fame isn’t deserved. On the contrary, it plays a fundamental role in the growth and success of any small enterprise. However, most entrepreneurs have “flock mentality” and therefore follow only the most popular concepts, neglecting other, lesser-known parts of branding. 

In this post, the focus will be on one of the – product and packaging design. This is what Nike and Apple got right, as they have learned how to present their products in an engaging and unique way. Many of their customers become excited even before they find out what the new product is all about. Seven out of ten customers agree that packaging design can influence their purchasing decision.

Avoid over-designing

It is easy to fall into a situation where a company is so obsessed with making the product the most engaging or unique that it only manages to over-complicate the design, ruining its own efforts. Although there are cases where such products get lucky and sell nicely, they do little to create or reinforce the business’s brand. Don’t put too much effort into embellishing your product or packaging design. Rather, stick with minimalistic, clean concepts that your audience will have no trouble understanding. It is often the most simple design that wins the day.

Stunning stickers and labels

Stickers and labels represent an integral part of product and packaging design, even more so in labels for juices, jars, and wine. You can use them to feature your logo, product names or ingredient lists and show your customers the care and detail you put into each of the products you sell. You can order custom stickers and labels and use them to not only list ingredients and differentiate products for your consumers, but also to build a cohesive brand across all of your products, marketing, and promotional items. Moreover, they can ensure instant brand recognition while your customers will associate their long-lasting effect with your own products.

Packaging Design

Boxes are perfect gifts

Although custom boxes are a more expensive option than cardboard backers and tags if you believe your product would make a popular gift, consider them. Most retailers say that boxes are great for busy individuals who are searching for a birthday present or some other rare and original gift.

When your product appears like a perfect present in box packaging, the gift giver can throw it in a gift bag or swiftly wrap it for a stunning and easy gift. Products completely enclosed in boxes are great for merchants as well, since they don’t have to worry about the product or packaging receiving damage from too much handling by consumers.

Product information

Small businesses usually aren’t that well-known. Hence, it is crucial that you provide essential product information on your packaging. On labels and stickers, for instance, or on other parts of your packaging design. Food giants like Heinz or Kellogg’s don’t need to concentrate on this as much – they are well-established brands so their reputations sell their products more so than the packaging. However, as a small brand, you must ensure that you give customers sufficient product information so that they know what your product is and why should they purchase it.

Give your product a persona

Package design isn’t only about delivering your products. To efficiently convey a message, a brand identity or a story through your products, you will need to look at it as a persona. Just like in marketing, you’re building a persona – but this time, for your own product. This is where brand personality comes in handy. When you think about your product as a persona, it is easier to design packaging that reflects the brand personality and is able to resonate with your customers. Potential purchasers always notice such authenticity and go towards the product even before they even know what it is.

A form that supplements the function

Basically, effective packaging design should make sure that the product is protected, both on the display, shelves and afterward in the course of its use by the customers. The audience won’t purchase though if they don’t understand what your effectively packaged product is. Therefore, the packaging should be able to provide adequate product information, as mentioned before. Find an attractive way to show your customers what your product is and it is one of the best options for their wants and needs. Don’t forget about displaying your brand name visible. Effective product and packaging design are crucial for selling products and attracting consumers. If you wish your audience to be excited about your new products before they’re even heard of, create a powerful brand using these concepts.


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