Tips to Create a Good Design Using Online Graphic Design Tool

Creating a good graphic design is difficult. Mostly, it is all because of the software that we need to use to do that. It is complicated. You can learn to use it, but it would take a lot of time. When you need the design immediately, using that pro software is not a wise decision. However, you can find many tools to do that on the internet. These tools will help you to create a free online graphic design. So, here, we have several tips that you need to know for using this tool.

The Image Type

First of all, you will use an image in your design. It could be an image for the main background. Or, you use the image as the source of the main information or message you want to send through your design. In short, the image is the most important element of the design.

Now, when you use the online graphic design tool, you need to choose the image type that you are going for depending on what you need. For better quality, you can choose the PNG format image. However, for lighter image size and performance, use the JPEG format. Upload it to the editing tool of the graphic design tool that you use. And, you can adjust and place it like what you want.

There is one more important thing that you need to know about the image. If you are going to use your design for commercial usages, such as the product package or business logo, you need to use images from the legal source. It means the image must be a royalty-free image. Or, you also can use the image that you make yourself. That way you won’t have any problem when you use it later.

The Sketch

It is recommended to sketch the design that you are going to make. The online graphic design tool allows you to make the design easier. You just need to choose the template, add the text and object, then voila, you got the design that you can use.

However, you want to make a logo or any graphic design that can bring the impact. You can’t make it in one go by opening the online graphic design tools and make it on your browser just like that. You may don’t have enough skill or knowledge about designing, compared to a professional designer. But, at least, by making the sketch, you can easily know what kind of result you want.

Furthermore, the sketch also helps you to add the important elements that have a strong connection with your business. For example, on the sketch, you can try to add your business identity color. Then, you can perfect it on the online tool to make it displayable and usable for official purposes.

The sketch will become your guide. It also saves you time and avoids so many mistakes that only wasting your resource. So, this is the first thing you need to do.

Choose the Text Style

This is also important. Choosing the right font style helps you to emphasize the image and message in your design. For example, if you choose the font style with the hook style, you can create a stiff, formal, and official image. However, the font style with a rounded corner or without a hook, give you a casual and relaxing image. This will help you to make a proper impression in people’s mind that they will get when they see your design.

Best Online Tools

Those three are the main tips that you need to follow to get the best design result. Now, you need to find an online tool that can facilitate your designing process. For this reason, we recommend Desygner. This free online tool has complete features. You can edit the image easily. Furthermore, they also have thousands of collections of fonts, template, image, icon, or any design object that you can use for free. So, this is what you need.


Now, you just need to follow your idea. Bring it into reality through the online graphic tool or graphic app. Once you do that, you will get the best graphic design that has a strong image and message. And, you also can save more money for your design.


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