Product markets have become competitive than ever. It is no longer feasible to increase sales by just improving quality. Many factors influence the product demand in this forever evolving marketing industry. No matter how useful your product is for the customers, it won’t earn you bucks if it’s not appealing enough. There are many strategies to up the appearance game, but the best one so far is labeling it well. Labels have become the crux of many marketing tactics. This is because they add in the extra touch that lures the customers. It is the product label that acts as the last straw for customers and makes them pick it up from rows of many similar other products. They help your product stand out, so it speaks volumes from the market shelves. So it is a fact that labels are very effective in product differentiation and are crucial for carving out brand identity.

Moreover, they are convenient to create as well, as they cost less but bring about major surges in revenue. Many agencies create attractive labels online, as well. Thus for steady growth and improved business images, investing in labels should be on your priority list.

But the problem arises when product labels go wrong. It is hard for business owners to identify which label will be beneficial and which will fail to make a difference. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert to get it right. You just need to understand these little things necessary to make your label outstanding. For this, you need tips to not only design it well but also maintain quality and placement. It should reflect the efforts put into it. Thus for this purpose, product labels should be strategically created to make a worthwhile and memorable brand statement. To help you with this, we have compiled a thorough guide that can help you land with the perfect label for your product!

1. Focus on Readability

A product label has to be appealing but what matters is its readability as well. This means that consumers can get the message from far. Not only should the font be big, but the color contrast should also enhance viewing. Your customers shouldn’t have to squint their eyes! It shouldn’t be very lengthy, or the customers will only ignore it. The front should be as appealing and clean as possible. This means that simplicity promotes readability. So if you have more to write such as necessary instructions, place it on the flip side. Moreover, the text should be at least 6 points to be legible. Moreover, colors and font should be according to the customer’s psychology and also sync with the brand’s style.

2. Place Contact Info

We know labels are not very huge to place everything on it or it will look all cramped up. This will ruin the look but to make it useful you have to add at least basic info. This includes contact info for those who wish to contact you. You don’t have to do it in bold letters. Just place it in a small font in the corner. Customers will appreciate it as it will allow them to communicate with you whenever necessary. No matter how small it is placed, contact info is located by those who need and is a commendable effort. It is also an effective way to drive up traffic as customers can express their satisfaction ASAP and create more sales opportunities.

3. Consistency in colors and fonts 

Colors and font can play a major role in your labels. So to solidify your product identity choose an appearance that represents it well. Remember the appearance of label communicate ideas. For example, if your product is sleek and contemporary don’t go for modern fonts and designs nor go extremely subtle, or it will look like grandparents’ house. For optimal choice, research the targeted customers and opt for something which caters to them perfectly. For ease, you can also get ideas from competitors label as a starting point.

4. Complement label with your brand

The best way to make the product stand out is to make it’s the label complement it. This can be done in several ways. For example, if your product falls in the organic line, then to be consistent, ensure that the packaging is naturally-sourced. Go for recycled material which will not only be eco-friendly but also promote a go green image of the brand. This way, you can easily attract the target market. The product and packaging’s perfect match will strike an emotional connection with consumers instilling loyalty in them.

5. Uniqueness is the key

Products also have individuality. For them to be successful, they should speak volumes about themselves. But how a non-living product can communicate its message is where the label comes in. So use your label to build a relationship with your consumers. The best way to do this is by finding unique features that can symbolize your brand. This should be something other brands are not doing. For example, associate an image with your brand or catchy slogans or one-liner that leave a lasting impact on your customers. This way, your brand will become synonymous with something that will draw people whenever they shop.

6. Printing directly on the package

If your budget is high, it is best to go for direct printing on the bottle. The paper print is also nice, but a label created on packaging stands out. It makes the label part of the product itself, which adds to its appeal. Moreover, it has an added advantage of being more distinct as the fine lines and details look vivid. It enhances clarity and makes it easy to be seen by consumers walking down the aisle. Additionally, embedded labels are a sign of quality. They reflect superiority and appeals to customers. They begin to associate this posh appearance with a high-quality premium choice. Thus they prefer it more. Last but not least, it also ensures that the label doesn’t get damaged as there is no risk of peeling of paper getting ripped.

As per a survey Shopping Decisions Made In-Store,’ you can at least influence 56% of consumers in the store by your label. So do it right and engage your consumer right in-the store with these little efforts.


So jump the bandwagon and increase your market share via outstanding labels. Make your competitors envy your product appeal by remaining true to these tips. You will indeed see a marked difference in your turnover as your sales will escalate like never before.


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