At the very beginning, I am pleased to say “Congratulations for you have already met your only one! ”. It is a fact that every girl makes an expectation of their fantastic wedding without any clichés. They even keep thinking about it while they are falling in love with someone special. The question is the question. These are the 3 tips should be your concerns for making your wedding more impressive.

1. Everyone Needs the Video Dance Floor for Wedding

The huge day covers many fabulous moments. When the night falls down, most guests start to feel a little tired and homesick. On the other hand, their satisfaction becomes more prone to fulfill. Have you ever seen the movie named Saturday Night Fever produced in 1977. The LED dance floor went into huge popularity after its impressive appearance in the film. It was invented with the imaginative combination of the translucent colored glass panels lit from underneath bright colorful bulbs in 1920s. On account of its shining vividness and one-second installation, LED video dance floor attracts cross-field applications from exciting night-bar to magical wedding.

Dance Floor for WeddingHere I strongly recommend you this video dance floor. I’ve met this brand for many times on my friends’ recommendation list. It is under the imaginative designing and mature manufacturing of the professional dance floor expert in China, Sunfrom Pro Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. Equipped with high-quality sending cards and receiving cards, it is easy to realize the seamless installation like a “click”. All the dancers not only witness your sacred moment, but also share the dancing atmosphere on the fancy video floor. This SF-LDP12.5 can display a wide range of forms including text, graphics, flash, video, etc. Besides its competitive pricing, let’s take extra consideration to the safety assurance and the company’s export license. As its export license says, these Suncoming series cover the hi-tech structure of durable tempered glass panels and SMD 3in1 mounted on the driver PC board. The single diodes are smaller than a pinhead and set extraordinarily close nearly 12.5mm to offer charming brightness, color saturation and contrast vividness, which is applicable to multi-purpose hall, performing stage, T-shape stage, auto-mobile show, etc. And I am sure that you will look perfect on it.

2. Invite a Music Band

Invite a Music BandHave you ever made your appearance to a regular wedding where you could just feel right but not truly impressive? Don’t answer it too soon. Because it could be yours if you give up more time-consuming but awesome inspirations. Many weddings prefer vintage personal gramophone or just hire some professional audio equipment for playing wedding music. Actually, it can’t be good enough. You could hardly be wrong to make a reservation of a professional wedding music band for playing live music rather than some machinery tunes from DVDs. Maybe your husband has a strong affection for rock since high school. Then surprise him! For the satisfaction of the crowded guests in the room, it is a veritable enjoyment of their ears and eyes.

3. Do Some Researching on the Song List

Song ListWhether you are going traditional and classic or whimsical and undreamed-of for your wedding day, there’s one thing you always need to consider: the romantic wedding songs. Whatever you add to the list, they should bring out all the feelings and emotions from the inside and make the day unbelievable. In general, a great ceremony starts from the couples’ first dance along with some classic music. Who wouldn’t desire a slow dance with your fiancé along Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight” or Diana Ross’ “Endless Love”? It never goes off the list for its simple lines and romantic tunes. You can just swing along the gentle rhythm with the magic sparkle in both of your eyes like dancing in the golden waves of wheat. If you want to make it fashionable and trendy, let Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” fight against all odds and make you look perfect tonight.

It is possible for anyone to manage a fancy wedding given enough preparation. However, it’s always a huge luck to meet the one irreplaceable for the rest of life. Wish you can be the most beautiful bride in the world. And from this moment, you start to get a happy life with your soulmate permanently.

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