In a Pumba outfit, Tom Cruise dances to Hakuna Matata


Social media was buzzing with scenes of international actor Tom Cruise, accompanied by presenter James Corden, while they performed the character of ” Pumba and Timon” in a dance show inspired by the famous Disney movie “The Lion King

The pioneers of the communication sites were surprised when they saw Cruz dressed as the wild boar “Pumba”, after he got used to it in the roles of excitement and suspense and the scenes of jumping from planes and on the roofs of tall buildings .

At the beginning of the video, which has garnered more than a million views on YouTube, Corden tries to persuade Cruz to participate in the play “The Lion King” on a Broadway theater, after which Tom appears in Pumbaa’s costume alongside Corn, and they participate in the musical amid the shock of the audience.

The video included many memories that brought together the two stars of the comedy talk show ” The Late Late Show “, of which Corden announced months ago that he would be filming the last season of it, promising the audience that the episode with Cruise would be “the bomb of the season.”

Indeed, Cruz and Corden were able to film a special episode in which the atmosphere of fun prevailed, and it included many surprises, shocking scenes, and songs.

The episode ended with Cruz and Corden in a dramatic scene, before they sang together and hugged on the roof of a tall building, then a helicopter came to transport Cruz, leaving Corden stuck on the roof asking for help.