In today’s world, almost every commercial ‘brick-n-mortar’ organization has its corresponding adjunct in the virtual world of the internet; namely, its website. A profit-oriented entity fundamentally depends upon the reach of its marketing initiatives to lure in potential customers (referred to as ‘leads’ in the going business jargon), for which its dedicated web platform serves as the most cost-effective and popularly accessible avenue for disseminating information about its products and/or services. Through various online Digital Marketing initiatives (all of which revolve around the use of a tapestry of neat software utilities – both of free & paid varieties), companies can now easily keep track of visitor traffic directed towards or away from their websites. Having access to this information is crucial (a venture that continuously requires a reliable Cable and internet bundles subscription), since it allows businesses to make assessments about which areas of their sites (that may be functioning less than optimally) require some modifications, or a complete overhaul of their design and/or content frameworks.

Coming to Grips with Website Development

Website Development, a feat performed all over the world by a seemingly infinite number of Digital Marketing agencies (on a daily basis), often occupies the forefront of many commercial organizations’ marketing agendas. In order to achieve this end, they may either recruit the services of an assortment of ad-hoc specialists (who are individually skilled on the website graphics, worded-content, HTML, back-end Development & SEO fronts), or a singular contracting firm which employs all of these artisans under one roof. If you need help developing a well-designed website, that renders attention-grabbing content and an appealing graphical interface, and one that is subsequently made to rank high in SERPs through a diligent adherence to common SEO ranking factors, check out these bay area marketing agencies and garner unprecedented levels of prospective customer engagements (hitherto unheard of in the pre-internet age).

Since the domain of website development is pivotal to the success of every contemporary business initiative, it helps both development executives and their lay contractors to remain cognizant of the current trends (relating to the latest software utilities and standards in use within the industry) in this field. The internet (fortunately for all the parties concerned) plays host to a number of free applications which can provide a great deal of support in all technical and creative website construction-related endeavors. With the provision of a high-speed Internet linkage (preferably attained from one of the reliable ‘Cable and internet bundles’ services providers in the country – like Spectrum), this task can be accomplished with considerable ease.

Software Utilities that you NEED to Get a Hold Of… (For Internet Industry Professionals)

The following compilation is a listing of the Top 5 Software tools EVERYONE in the Internet Industry should know about. Although these nifty utilities are significantly geared towards the aforementioned different aspects of website development, they can still prove to be useful for just about anyone interested in analyzing and/or auditing the performance of particular web portals.


GIMPA website’s visual design interface is mostly rooted in its graphical dynamics, or the images, color tones, font styles – in addition to all kinds of multimedia offerings – that equip its textual elements with a sensory, vibrant flair. No matter how good its written content resources may be, a website cannot successfully ‘take off’ into the internet’s consumer sphere (or hope to rival its competition) without attaining a considerable proficiency in terms of its graphical output. Many powerful graphics tools (with Adobe Photoshop being the market leader of the pack) can help prospective designers to sufficiently address this issue. Although there remains a greater influx of paid graphics utilities on the internet, there still exist a few which often manage to put their subscription-dependent counterparts to shame; every now and then. GIMP is one such exception, and its deserved popularity is based on the critical acclaim bestowed by legions of graphics specialists and web analysts alike – from all across the world

2. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent’s Content Idea GeneratorAs any content writer would relate, there comes a time in the professional life of every wordsmith when he/she may suddenly be afflicted with the loathsome ‘loss of ideas’ problem – an issue which (if it continues to remain unresolved) can actually lead to an unravelling of the entire writing enterprise. This is the point where algorithm-based ‘creative generator’ utilities like Portent’s Content Idea Generator can come in very handy. Accessible with most Cable and internet bundles, the said tool requires a one-word input of a key term, against which it rapidly comes up with a number of possible article titles and phrases that can guide the development of an entire composition. Although the generator’s use comes attached with the risk of dealing with plagiarized content, it is still a great application for warding off any infuriating instances of writer’s block. Plus, it’s completely free!

3. Eclipse (IDE)

EclipseWhen writing code, you need an editing utility that provides a neat and one-size-fits-all platform for compiling the most common types of programming language sequences within a single window. Although the internet these days happens to be practically littered with a dynamic array of coding applications, not many can compete with the great degree of complexity that is offered by state-of-the-art editors like Eclipse. The said tool is primarily used to manage coding in an HTML environment, but offers cross platform support for other languages as well – without incurring any cost for the front-end web developer.

4. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO SpiderOn-site SEO is a key component of any search engine-based website promotions strategy. Without having a clear working idea of the common types of SEO ranking factors, no tool geared towards search engine marketing can bear much fruit for the uninformed business executive. For an experienced internet analyst, however, software utilities such as the Screaming Frog SEO Spider can provide a significant auditing edge – that can further inform any developmental rectifications that may be needed to increase traffic influxes. With this tool, it becomes easy for SEO professionals to conduct analyses on their concerned sites’ core elements, and make deductions from there.

5. PhpStorm

PhpStormFor back-end developers, who are tasked with constructing the basic edifice on which the entire structure of a website stands, the internet comes packed with many free coding editors. Most of these are good, in the sense that they prove to be quite productive in terms of helping developers achieve their desired ends. PhpStorm is a relatively new entrant to the market, but due to its stellar application features and support for the most common PHP instructions, it has proven itself to be nothing less than a gift from providence itself – for the web-engineering professionals who make use of it on a daily basis.

As has already been alluded to above, all of these software utilities require a steady subscription to a high-speed internet connection. When choosing such a connection service (from the huge list of ‘TV Internet Phone Bundles’ providers currently selling their wares), it is important to first read-up thoroughly on the customer-testimonials and user-approval ratings that come associated with it. Such timely considerations, spent on carefully weighing all the options available at hand, will help to prevent the risk of getting stuck with a less-than-satisfactory subscription.

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