Top 5 Best eBay Templates

Are you looking to build an online store of your very own? Well, then this article is just for you! This collection’s purpose is to help you to find a perfect eBay template for your professional needs.

All of them have been crafted by professional developers with your comfort in mind. They are also ready to be used pretty much right out of the box! So, if you don’t wish to tinker with loads of options and technicalities, then one of those is exactly what you need. Also, if you purchase a premium template, you get access to the 24/7 support hotlines, where you can get help if you ever need it.

Beauty Store eBay Template

BeautyZone EBay Template

This good-looking template is great for building a store that looks very attractive and professional. It comes with a Landing Page Builder, a GPL License and is extremely easy to install. It also features Google Web Fonts, which will let you spice up your content quite considerably. There is also a New Arrivals feature which starts displaying new items on the landing page as soon as they are added to your store.

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Furnishing eBay Template

Home Furnishing EBay Template

This eye-catching theme is perfect for stores that specialize in selling furniture. It features modern parallax scrolling effects which will make your clients’ browsing experience a whole lot more engaging. It also comes with CSS3 and CSS5 scrolling effects as well as left navigation that will improve said experience even more. The theme’s trendy design will suit all of your needs as well.

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Jewelry eBay Template

Precious Jewels EBay Template

The clean and beautiful design of this theme is great for jewelry vendors and other fashion item stores. It comes with two landing page variations and an eBay layout version. It also features New Arrivals functionality which is very handy when trying to maintain a successful online store. The Google Fonts library will give you access to hundreds of different fonts to use with your theme.

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Kitchenware eBay Template

Kitchen Bargains EBay Template

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If you wish to sell kitchen furniture and other accessories that belong in that particular room, then this template is for you. Its design boasts absolutely everything you need to boost your sales on eBay. All the files in the package are well documented and the theme comes with a user manual of its own which will provide you with a step-by-step instruction on how to install and customize your template.

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Gadgets eBay Template

Gadgets World EBay Template

A great template for an online computer store that specializes in selling all sorts of devices and gadgets. Its eBay design follows all the latest rules and trends, so your site will both look great and serve its purpose. The template is easy to install and customize thanks to a well-documented package of files and a detailed user manual. It also includes a whole library of Google Fonts for some extra customization.

Details | Demo

In Conclusion

Hopefully, you liked our list and maybe even picked something out for your own use! Feel free to share your opinions on our templates in the comments section, as it really helps us understand which services we can improve on! And remember that if nothing on this particular list fits your project ideas, be sure to check out TM’s website, there are plenty more themes there.


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