Lovers spend an average of almost $6,000 on their engagement ring, with the most popular stones still being diamonds followed by other precious stones. Because engagement rings are meant to be worn ‘forever’, finding the perfect design can be a big challenge that can take months to achieve. The ideal ring should match your loved one’s style while also having enough quality to sparkle flawlessly and stand the test of time. Not all brides and grooms are alike and what is ultra-fashionable for one might be ‘too much’ or too subtle for someone else. To ensure you choose the right design, try and observe your partner’s style and jewelry choices, ask help from loved ones and friends if you’re stuck for ideas, and check out the following five styles, each of which is trending in the world of wedding jewelry.

A Row of Sparkle

One of the biggest trends in wedding jewelry are pave and geometric-shaped diamond-encrusted bands. Instead of opting for one stunning sparkler, many couples are opting for engagement rings that are more versatile and that go with casual looks as well as formal ones. In addition to simple pavé bands, we are also seeing one or more rings comprising various hexagonal-shaped, bezel-set diamonds framed by yellow, rose, or white gold and sitting alongside each other to form an ultra-artistic eternity band. Band-style rings look as great on the ring finger as on any other finger and even the thumb and they can be stacked with other diamond, gemstone, and plain metal rings for an ultra-fashionable look. For a good idea of how great more than one ring can look, check out country singer Martina McBride’s cute stacked diamond wedding ring and wedding band. 

Simple Solitaires

A contrasting trend to that mentioned above is that of simple, solitary diamonds, set in pronged, cathedral, and other types of setting that ‘lift’ the diamond and allow it to emit its fire and light to full effect. For this look, keep the band simple and consider white gold or platinum to ensure that your stone grabs all the attention. Sweden’s Princess Victoria has a gorgeous round brilliant-cut solitaire and simple white band that is testimony to her discreet, elegant taste. Another stunning solitaire was given by actor Taylor Lautner to his fiancée Tay Dome. It is a large, five-carat stunner that is worth approximately $150,000.

Emerald-Cut Colored and Transparent Diamonds

Gemstones like morganites, and tanzanites are selling big both in fine jewelry collections and in wedding collections. So are colored diamonds—an excellent choice for wearers who like to see life ‘in living color’. Porsha Williams recently received a seriously impressive 15-carat pale yellow diamond perched upon a delicate transparent diamond pave band. Bethenny Frankel got engaged with a very similar ring that differs mainly in its traditional clear appearance and the fact that it is surrounded by pretty trapezoid side stones.

Hidden Halo Settings

Halos are a classic design utilized by jewelry houses the calibre of Cartier. Simple and graceful, they hark back to the glamour of classic movie stars and celebrities. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model, Kate Bock, recently agreed to be NBA star Kevin Love’s Mrs. Love surprised Bock with a vintage Cartier design—a four-carat round center boasting a hidden halo pave setting. The delicate diamonds surround the main stone itself then travel down the band.

Unique Engagement Rings

From pearls to tanzanites, wide bands to accent gemstones, unique materials are fastly becoming a preferred way for brides and grooms to design beautiful rings that are in keeping with the recipient’s unique style. Emma Stone got engagement with a pearl ring designed by Tokyo-based jeweler, Kataoka, Ariana Grande received a two-stone diamond and pearl ring, while Lily Collins is sporting a super-modern, custom bezel-set rose-cut diamond design. These designs make for ultra-personal wedding proposals that celebrate uniqueness while also harking back to styles and materials that were favored in the past. Searching for the perfect engagement ring is undoubtedly one of the most exciting tasks for a young couple. The good news for those who don’t simply want a traditional piece is that there are so many options that suit both classic and modern style makers alike. From vintage pearl rings right through to eternity bands boasting hexagonal bezel-set diamonds, there are so many looks that can surprise, enthral, and win the heart of your loved one.