Top 5 Skills Every Driving Instructor Should Have

If you’re thinking about becoming a driving instructor, it’s important to make sure that you have the skills and qualities necessary to be successful in this career. In order for driving instructors to teach their students effectively, they need to be able to communicate well, have the ability to be a good teacher, be passionate about driving, and show empathy towards their students. Without these essential skills, driving instructors will likely struggle in this career.

Driving school Beverly Slater has helped explain why these skills are crucial for those wanting to pursue a career in teaching driving.  Keep reading to find out the top qualities and skills you’ll need if you want to change to this exciting and rewarding job.


First and foremost, one of the most important skills you will need as a driving instructor is patience. You’ll be dealing with a lot of nervous students who may struggle to get some of the basics right. This means you’ll have to practise patience, as learning to drive is a very stressful experience for some students.


There are two key components when it comes to being a driving instructor. Those are: driving, and teaching! This means you’ll have to have a passion for teaching and be skilled in this area. On a day-to-day basis, you’ll be teaching the skill of driving to those who have never learned before. Because of this, you’ll have to love teaching others and (as mentioned above) have a lot of patience with your new students too.

If teaching really isn’t your thing, you may not enjoy the rewarding job that is being a driving instructor.


Going hand in hand with teaching and patience, you’ll also need to possess a lot of empathy for your students too. We all know that learning to drive can be a challenging and stressful experience, which is why driving instructors have to remain cool, calm, and understanding when it comes to teaching their students to drive.

Extending empathy allows the student to feel more comfortable, and in turn, be able to learn better. If you cannot relate at all to your student and offer them some support, then being a driving instructor may not be the right choice for you.

Geographical skills

Another key skill you’ll need as a driving instructor is geographical awareness. This means being well versed in the geographical locations of where you’ll be working, as well as having a strong awareness of the roads.

Having spatial awareness of the surrounding areas is important as you’ll be conducting your lessons through various different areas. You’ll need to know the roads in the areas you plan on working in very well.


Last but not least, arguably the most important skill you’ll need to become a driving instructor is communication. Having good communication skills is essential when you’re teaching someone how to drive. You’ll need to accurately communicate what you want your student to do during the lesson whilst they’re on the road, so being able to communicate effectively is a must.


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