Video conversion tools is one of the leading software available in the market that helps people to convert various videos and files from one formats to another. Regardless of the fact that you work in a professional music or edit home videos, you might need to convert raw video documents from one setting to another. The market has variety of these conversion tools accessible online. In case you are searching for the best video converter tools, then you have in the right place. Here, we will highlight the best tools available in the market.

1. Convert2MP3


This is a free internet software that downloads audios and videos from various websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion etc. and changes them to ideal formats. Hence, it is very adaptable and ideal for people who travel a lot since it changes video to audio and to various formats such as MP4 or MP3 Downloader. It has an appealing interface and doesn’t confine the downloading and conversions procedure. Moreover, this covert2mp3 enables one to play the files and personalize the setting on the net.


  1. No need to register or sign up. 
  2. It doesn’t charge any penny and simple to use.
  3. It’s a secure website for online conversion.


  1. Its uphold is restricted to four sharing websites.
  2. Just 10 conversion formats are upheld in this software, MP4 included.
  3. It’s not that stable and fails to download online videos sometimes.

2. Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter

The Online Video Converter is an ideal tool that permits one to save various files in his/her gadget to watch offline. It upholds around 14 output video and sound formats. You may utilize it to buffer videos from various sites such as Bilibili, Youku, Facebook, and YouTube.


  • It has the ability to support various videos and audio formats.
  • Can record files online.


  • It can’t handle bulky conversion; It allows one to convert one by one.

3. Aicoosoft Video Converter 

Aicoosoft Video Converter

Aicoosoft comes with various features and technology. For instance, it uses AI technology, and when you try to compare it with the conventional video converters, this tool has greater balance and has a great output video quality. This software has special benefits in video compression and conversation. It has a solid video downloading feature


  1. Available 24/7
  2. It offers quality service
  3. 100 percent secure
  4. It supports numerous files


  1. The trial version comes with limited features.

4. Freemake video converter

Freemake video converter

This tool supports numerous 17 video format such as MOV, AVI, MP4, and MP. Its conversion process is extremely quick and generates quality files. They are variety of choices accessible when it comes to highlighting and editing profiles.  The quick conversion is available in both the paid version and free version. It’s extremely instinctive for newbies and is just accessible for Windows.


  • It’s able to achieve 4K resolution
  • It has more than 300 input formats


  • Extremely expensive
  • The free version is not good.

5. HandBrake


One of the free software available on the market. It has high-end features and is accessible for download on windows, Linux, and MacOS. The Windows version available is extremely new, and Mac users have been using this tool for many years. While downloading this tool, unlike some other free software, you will not be required to manage ads or notifications to install extra software.


  • Its free to use.
  • Great quality output
  • Lots of options for editing
  • Ad-free experience


  • Complicated
  • The conversions are not that quick


The above Video conversion tools are highly rated and can convert variety of videos into different formats. Therefore, users are always urged to visit this site and learn more about this tools and how to use them.