The Top 5 Features that Make VoIP Outstanding

It is the dream of every small business to scale up and become one of the renowned international businesses with branches in every continent and country. However, the dream cannot be achieved if the tiny things are not done right. One of the most important practices that every startup should have is to maintain touch with its customers.

The Essentials of VoIP

The best way to accomplish that is by calling them whenever you have new products and services that you need them to benefit from. Almost every business across the globe has digitalized their office in that they have acquired better equipment. Although phone lines are still being used, their flexibility is not guaranteed especially when making international calls.

That’s why many businesses now have Voice over IP (VoIP) as their means of communication. One of the major reasons why most businesses have gone VoIP is to reduce the cost of communication. Its affordability and flexibility make many businesses prefer it over other traditional means of communication.

If you are looking for a newer and modernized system of communication that will save you some few bucks then you have Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as your partner. All you need is to have the following:

  • A computer
  • A stable and fast internet connection
  • A microphone
  • A headphone or speaker
  • A sound card

If you have the above gadgets, don’t delay any longer in getting VoIP Private Branch eXchange (PBX) in your office. The beauty of having hosted PBX is that you don’t have to cater for the installation and maintenance costs since the service provider will do it for you.  Here are the five features that are making VoIP very popular in many businesses across the globe:

Features of VoIP

1. DND

Do Not Disturb (DND) is one of the important features, especially of your business, involves clients who are a bit impatient with their packages and parcels. Whenever you are talking to a client, you need the serene environment and when VoIP hosted PBX rings, you can have your DND on to help you divert it to voicemail.

2. Call recording

If you are dealing with clients that are always given specifications of the products they need, you need a call recording feature to play it later to get exactly what they needed before delivering to them. You can also use this feature to know the satisfaction of the customer.

3. Conferencing

You can have unified communications involving conferencing calls, sending messages, sharing presentations and emails using VoIP. It will be a very appropriate system for CEOs who often hold conference calls.

Voicemail and call forwarding

With hosted PBX or any other VoIP, you can put the phone on voicemail when you are busy with other tasks or you do call forwarding to your phone when you are out of the office.

Has an auto attendant

This feature allows you to set multiple numbers for the caller to make especially if your business or company has various departments. The caller can call the department they need directly.


Whether you go for hosted PBX or decide to carry the entire burden when installing your VoIP, it should have the capacity to offer you the above features that will eventually enable you to serve your customers better.


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