A Tesla accident in self-driving mode…a video that goes viral on social media

In full self-driving mode, the Tesla reportedly failed to detect a moving train and stopped autonomously, resulting in an accident. This incident, captured on video, has been viewed millions of times on social media over the past few hours.

According to NBC News, the video depicts a car speeding towards a railway crossing as a train approaches. Suddenly, the car swerves to the right, strikes the crossing arm, and slides off the road.

Both dashcam footage and the police report confirm foggy conditions at the time of the accident. However, the video reveals that moving cars and the flashing red lights of a train crossing signal were visible at least five seconds before the crash.

Serious damage

The accident resulted in serious damage to the front right side of the car, as photos taken by its owner show the car’s deformed body and the right front wheel twisted at a sharp angle.

The car owner disclosed that the Tesla failed to slow down as it approached the train. He had to manually press the brakes and take control of the steering, ultimately guiding the car off the road to avoid a collision with the train.

This incident recalls the controversy over Tesla’s safety standards, particularly concerning Full Self-Driving Mode (FSD), the company’s premium driver assistance option. CEO Elon Musk has championed FSD as a crucial element of Tesla’s future.

Self-driving capabilities and their marketing have been the subject of scrutiny, both in terms of what they can do and whether drivers are fully aware that they still require attention.

Shortcomings in self-driving technology

In February, Tesla issued an update to its self-driving software to address concerns about its performance at intersections. Autopilot, Tesla’s standard driver-assistance feature, has also been under scrutiny by regulators.

There have been some previous indications and incidents pointing to shortcomings in Tesla’s Full Self-Driving mode, many of which have been chronicled online.

In November 2022, a Tesla in full self-driving mode abruptly halted on a major highway, as reported by The Intercept, leading to an eight-car collision.

A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report published last month found dozens of crashes involving fully autonomous driving.

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Musk desperately defended her

Despite some accidents and criticisms of Tesla’s self-driving technology, American billionaire Elon Musk staunchly defends it. In the past, he has even lashed out at journalists who questioned the technology, dismissing them as fools.

Tesla’s CEO has repeatedly defended the systems as innovations that will improve road safety.

In 2016, he showcased the technology for the first time in a Twitter video, claiming it demonstrated that “a Tesla car can drive itself.” The video depicted the car recognizing traffic signals and stopping at red lights, features that were not actually available in the vehicle at the time. This discrepancy was highlighted by a senior engineer’s testimony, as reported by Reuters in January 2023.


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