If you’re in nursing school, you have likely realized that nursing jobs are not a monolith. Instead, there are a number of specializations which you can choose based on your affinities and interests, much like doctors can.

Similarly, to doctors, nurses need some kind of post-secondary education. At a minimum, you need an associate degree in nursing. However, if you are really motivated, you can get a bachelor’s, master’s, or even a doctorate in nursing.

Why Continued Education Is Important

Even though you can become a registered nurse by having an ADN (associate degree in nursing), the more you climb the ladder of education, the more options become open to you professionally. If you are passionate about your job and want to get ahead in the world, continued education is the way to go. If getting a masters in nursing interests you, check out UTA’s RN to MSN online program.

As experts at Ventura MedStaff told us, many nurses who complete their ADN certification feel like they need a break from studying and opt to take on a temporary gig as travel nurses. After a brief time working in their field and traveling the country (or even abroad), they feel reinvigorated and are ready to go back to school and complete their higher education.

Here are some examples of high-paying nurse positions.

Pediatric Nurse

Pediatric nurses are highly valued by the medical community because not everyone is well suited to work with children and medicine at the same time. If you have these affinities, you may be looking at a median salary of just short of $73,000.

You will, however, need a certified pediatric nursing license, which is not offered on an undergraduate level, meaning you will likely have to go for higher education. If you opt of higher education, you may be looking at a median salary of around $90,000 for a nurse practitioner position.

Certified Nurse Midwife

This specialization is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling positions for many nurses. Being there for patients through pregnancy, labor, and finally, the birth of a new child is something magical. It is, however, a very responsible position, too. In order to qualify as a certified nurse-midwife, you need to complete a master’s degree in nursing, as well as be certified by the American Midwifery Certification Board.

Patients will often look to you for guidance and help during one of the most vulnerable times in their lives, as well as a kind of emotional support. That being said, you also need to remain composed and ready to pounce on any sign of trouble.

Generally speaking, certified nurse-midwives are very handsomely compensated for their skills and expertise. According to some estimates, the median salary for this specialization is around $100,000 per year.

Anesthetist Nurses

If you are looking for the absolute highest nurse salary in the US – an anesthetist nurse in the field for you. This particular specialization has become even more important during the Covid 19 pandemic, as there was a massive shortage of certified staff.

The median salary of an anesthetist nurse is mind-boggling $180,000 per year! The chief nurse anesthetist can expect an average salary of about $222,000. However, this specialization is not easy nor quick to reach.

In fact, you need to complete a master’s degree in nursing, as well as a series of minor certifications. The job itself is complex and requires great attention to detail and precision. As an anesthetist nurse, your job will be to administer anesthesia to patients going into surgery, which includes tracking their responses to the medication and responding quickly and accurately to any kind of emergency.

Whatever specialization you end up opting for, keep in mind that the passion for helping people and following your affinities are the most important things for a happy and satisfying career.

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