Having brunch is one of the greatest ideas. Whenever I think about brunch, there are lots of places come to my mind. I am a fan of it and I frequently go out with my friends for brunch. That is why; I am sharing some best places for brunch with my readers. It is no doubt the most important meal of the day so why not eat it at a top place. There are many top places where you will want to go with your friends on the weekend. But, when it comes to the cost of brunch, it depends on the restaurant and the dishes. Top Places are as follows:

Simon and Seafort’s

This restaurant is in Anchorage, Alaska and one of the best dining restaurants. It is the most famous place and every local knows the restaurant for their great seafood and steaks. They also have a weekend brunch, where they take things even higher. Whenever you visit this city, do not try to miss the weekend brunch.

Yo’ Mama’s

Another great restaurant in Birmingham that offers brunch. But it only offers two times in a single month on every second and last Saturday. But this two-time brunch is one of the best in this city that you should never miss. They offer regular breakfast with special waffles with fried chicken. Whenever I visit this city, I never forget to visit on Saturday.

Mother Bunch Brewing

You will find the best brunch with craft beer in this restaurant. And they offer some great dishes that you will never forget.

The Buttered Biscuit

They offer one of the best breakfasts that include all the ingredients that people will love. People from far away come to their high-quality dishes. They offer a meal with black bean cakes topped with basted eggs, avocado and grilled tomato.

Rooster Co.

Sublime dishes that everyone will love to eat. They have shrimp cocktail, fried chicken slider, salumi, bacon, cheddar, salt rim, hard-boiled egg, cherry pepper, lime, cornichon, cucumber, olives, celery and bleu cheese stuffed sweet.

Le Diplomate

When you visit DC, one of the places to see is Le Diplomate. It is one of the places to spend your money on whether you need a lobster Omelets or a grand plateau of seafood. It also has many French dishes such as the perfect slice of quiche or foie gras.

Angelo’s Luncheonette

It is a very small place that has just 12 counter sears and a couple of booths. But it has a charming diner with historic charm. It does not offer any haute cuisine but just simple things like scrambled eggs, pancakes, home fries, omelets, and French Toast. People who reviewed it on yelp are very satisfied and recommend the people to at least once try this place.


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