Wander. Explore. Discover! Atlanta, capital of Georgia, is the central point of South America. Initially, the city was a military settlement that soon became a railway intersection and finally developed into a popular commercial town. Recently, Atlanta has become a significant financial and cultural center and a prominent hub of air traffic. You may not find it a romantic southern city, but instead an enormous and vibrant American city with several charming things to see and do. The best Atlanta attractions range from unique historic sites to arts and sports. Let’s take a look at few of the popular ones.

Georgia Aquarium

If you are accompanied by kids, the Georgia Aquarium comes with an extensive variety of marine life along with fascinating and interactive activities for visitors. This is the world’s largest aquarium housing above 100,000 aquatic creatures including some of the gigantic sharks. You will also have an opportunity to dive in the tank with the sharks. Though you need to have Scuba diving certification to avail this program. If you don’t want to get wet, the aquarium features an acrylic tunnel to walk through and enjoy the mesmerizing views.

Center for Civil and Human Rights

The unforgettable American Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s is marked by an exquisite center depicting the worldwide movement for human rights. The center brings interactive experiences to the visitors offering a range of newscasts, views, photographs, dialogs, and individual accounts. You will be surprised by the interesting stories and portraits to honor the work of men and women who lost their lives in the struggle.

Piedmont Park

Situated at a short distance from downtown Atlanta, Piedmont Park is the ancient and largest park in the Atlanta metro district. You will enjoy the walking and running trails since the park has many sports fields, children’s playgrounds, swimming pool, and a stream with fishing wharfs. Native farmers and artisans gather at the Green Market on Saturdays where you will find almost everything from Irish pancakes and fresh peaches to handmade soaps.

Oakland Cemetery

The momentous Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta was initially designed as a garden cemetery. During the Civil War, the site accommodated those who were killed on the battleground. In the year 1976, the site was regarded as a National Historic Landmark. Today, it is endorsed as a notable cemetery and parkland featuring many sculptures, gardens, and wildlife. You will also find a visitor center and museum shop.

Center for Puppetry Arts

The Center for Puppetry Arts offers a wide-ranging collection of puppets from around the globe. Some of the popular displays include African rod puppets and Chinese hand puppets. Other exhibitions include interesting audio-visuals about puppetry. You will find a variety of products from New Directions Sequences to Family Series. These are intended for both youngsters and adults focusing on more cultured themes.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History

The Fernbank Museum of Natural History was inaugurated in 1992 portraying the beautiful nature and environment of Georgia along with the assistance of technical and scientific techniques. Some of the most appealing displays at the museum include the gigantic dinosaur statues and the dinosaur skeletons in the Great Hall. In addition to that, there are several stimulating exhibits on the natural history of the indigenous scenery and cultures. One cannot even ignore the unique floors made of limestone tiles with entrenched fossils. Additionally, it features a startling gallery devoted to travel demonstrations and interesting IMAX theater shows.

Stone Mountain Park

One of the most renowned places to visit is Stone Mountain Park. The park is situated 16 miles east of the city center in Dekalb Country. Featuring an 863-foot-high mass of uncovered granite, the site has a lot of historical artifacts especially for those who are eager to know about the Civil War. Additionally, there are many endurance courses of adjourned rope walks and bridges through the treetops and a petting farm that the kids will absolutely love. Enjoy the local history, a reestablished antebellum plantation, and a walkway with Local American relics and exhibitions. It’s all about the journey!