When it comes to purchasing the ideal residential property, you need to spend a lot of quality time and energy in conducting the research process, besides making the most substantial single investment. You need to take help of the online real estate forums and visit the neighbourhood to gather information about the property that you are on the lookout to purchase. Make sure that you have clear-cut knowledge of everything related to the property before the time you’re going to sign the deal. Even, you can prepare a set of questions and ask the seller to gain more in-depth information about the proposed villa.

Top questions that you can ask your seller

What is the actual reason for selling the property?

First and foremost, it is really important to ask this typically common question to the seller to get a good idea of the reason for selling the property. Your seller may come up with a reason that may not be true. There could be many reasons like job relocation, life events like marriage, financial issues or retirement. Although it is not that significant to know the actual cause, it will help you in doing the negotiation.

How long has the house been on the market?

Listing a property at high-price from the very beginning can be one of the prime reasons for that very property for not getting purchased and ends up staying on the market for a long period. It is one of the poor strategies of listing and pricing a property. The more is the length of the time a house stays on the market; the tougher it becomes to sell. The seller becomes more motivated to negotiate and sell the property to a buyer when it has remained unsold for a more extended period. It becomes easier and more convenient to purchase villas for sale in hennur road Bangalore at a price much lower than asking price.

What was the selling price when you (seller) made the purchase?

There’s a high possibility that the seller may not inform you about the price which he had paid during the purchase of the property. However, you can find that out by checking the register deeds. By becoming aware of the previous selling price of the property, you can negotiate effectively with your seller and get the property that you wish to buy at an affordable price.

What does the selling of the property include?

There are several items that one usually gets along with the home, once the selling part and transfer of lawful ownership is executed. Things that are permanently attached to luxury villas in Bangalore for sale are window blinds, wall cabinets, bathroom tubs, wall-attached accessories, etc. are generally included in the sale. Make sure that there are at least a few items like roof-top sheds, lighting holders and wall-mounted cabinets available along with the purchased property.

How decent are the residents of the locality or neighbourhood?

To make sure that your new property is located in a safe and secure area where there is a minimum possibility of risks, it is better that you ask your seller about it before making a purchase. A neighbourhood gets affected by any types of nuisances like crime, theft, traffic congestion, ill maintenance of street light and littering the nearby roads. You can also visit the local police department to know more about the crimes that have taken place in or around the area.

The questions mentioned above are some of the major ones, which you can ask the seller before purchasing the property and becoming the legal owner of it. By clearly communicating with the seller, you will gain detail information about each and everything related to the property and also about the locality and the people in the neighbourhood area.


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