Our home’s garage can be one of the places we can feel most at home, especially we’re into do it yourself activities. As the place where most of our tools are located, some people take their garages to heart and make sure they are properly maintained and organized. Sometimes, some of us want to switch it up and improve on our garage.

New car owners, for instance, might want to turn their garage into a car shed fit to better fit their ride. This is certainly possible, and all it takes is a few considerations and a creative mind to make this reality happen.


However, before we begin, it’s best we remind ourselves that there’s countless ways to turn almost any garage into a brand new car shed. The only things that make the most difference here are certain factors, to be elaborated below. The important thing to consider here is your overall budget and the time you have in order to execute the kind of design you want.

Use What You Have

Sometimes, you may not know it yet but you can find easy ways to spot what you need to change in your garage to turn it into something brand new. The first step is to make sure you know what you have and what you think you need to improve upon. Your garage can be turned into a shed given the right kind of planning. First, try to get all the measurements of your garage in order to get a full assessment. What sort of materials is your garage made of? What necessary materials does your local hardware store have? And you can install garage floor epoxy which is easy to maintain and save you lots of money. This can give you a general idea on what you can and cannot buy when you decide to transform your garage into a car shed.

  • Of course, it’s important to get measurements on your cars as well. This can vastly change the kind of car shed you could make. Even if you choose a sophisticated design, if your cars don’t fit, then your efforts might be all for nothing.
  • A good assessment of the components you have can give you the right tools to be able to disassemble your garage and use all those components to make the car shed of your dreams. Not only is this economic, but it can also open up a lot of creative ideas.

The Design Counts

This part is actually the most creative, but also the hardest. This is because car sheds are inherently different, which means features you can install for your new car shed differ based on the intention of the shed in question. There are various amenities and features you can purchase and place in your car shed, but what matters is getting the most out of what you need.

  • Do you want to keep the garage aspect of the car shed? If so, this might mean getting your garage prepped for a repaint and making sure there is enough space for your car.
  • Do you want your car shed to accommodate all your cars? You might need to readjust or rebuild components of your garage to make sure it has enough space to accommodate your cars, and to set up dividers if needed.
  • Do you want your car shed to have a roof and the existing walls, or a roof with a small shed? This can also work, but you may have to disassemble parts of your garage to make this happen.

Don’t Forget: Accounting, Future Plans Matter

home garage

Always remember that before you venture into any form of do-it-yourself activity, try to make sure everything you need to fulfill your plans is present in the equation. This is important, not only because you can’t fulfill your plans without them, but this could generally give you an idea of what kind of tools and equipment you have, what you need to buy, and what you need to prepare for in the future.

  • Take into account things you already have. Always have a checklist of tools and resources you have and update them as you throw away, repair, update, or buy new things. This seems tedious, but this is essential if you plan to use your garage for an entirely new car shed. Taking these into account is a good way of ensuring you have the tools you need and might need in order do plans in the future.
  • Take into account the kind of things you’re planning to do to in your new car shed and try to assess potential maintenance costs in the future. This includes the tools you need, which you already have if you have the checklist, and potential costs if you need to bring service people with you.


If it’s a new car shed you want, it’s something you can pull off with the right time, effort, and resources. Your garage in itself can be transformed into a brand new car shed, it can just take a bit of time and energy depending on the design you choose.

Always remember that the tips above aren’t the only ways to turn your garage into a brand new car shed, and we give you the leeway of customizing your car shed as you see fit. As fellow enthusiasts, we recommend choosing sturdy and stable materials to make sure your new car shed lasts for a long time, and to make sure you have functioning features such as garage doors and other devices that could give you the necessary boost to operate your car shed efficiently.


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