We often spend almost as much time with people at work as with our own family or friends. That’s why it’s good if we can get along with them. And although no one has to make friends with colleagues, at least a thread of sympathy, respect and positive attitude towards each other is advisable. It is worse if relations with colleagues are toxic and the atmosphere is disastrous. Tell us which team you work in and we will tell you … whether to change jobs.

Here are 4 types of teams you can meet on your professional path.

1. Perfectly coordinated team

According to E. Schein, a team can be called any number of people who interact with each other and are aware of each other and perceive themselves as a group. J. Adair, on the other hand, believes that a working group occurs when there is definable membership, group awareness, sense of common purpose, mutual interdependence in achieving the goal, cooperation and the ability to act in a uniform way (J. Adair 2001, p. 14-17). In a quality management system, teams are usually small groups of employees established on a permanent basis (e.g. quality circles) or to perform individual tasks (projects).

Each team has its own characteristics:

  • the historical character of the group,
  • how to participate and take decisions,
  • methods of communication,
  • coherence (e.g. professional, personal, cultural),
  • the atmosphere of the team,
  • patterns of attitudes and behaviours between people,
  • working methods and organisational structure (J. Adair 2001, p. 28).

Have you seen “Friends”? That’s what this team looks like. Such team is a main aim for every teambuilding conceptions.  Everyone loves each other, knows everything about each other and supports each other – whether it’s an important project at work or a private problem for one of you. You spend a lot of time with each other – both at work and away from work, on holiday together and evening out.

Advantages: Working in such a harmonious team can be a pure pleasure, because you understand each other practically without words and share common passions. You can be sure that if your leg should, your co-workers will help you solve the problem.

Downsides: Remember that you are at work and there may be problematic issues or conflicts of interest. Private relationships that are too close do not make it easy to get out of such situations. In such teams, leaving or layoffs are also very painful, which is inevitable in every job.

2. Efficient team

You are certainly not the best friends, and privately you don’t necessarily like each other, but as a team at work you are very effective. You feel that you all play to one goal, you can count on each other and you are honest with each other. There is no place to play below the belt.

Advantages: Such a team is business efficient and you feel that together you can do really valuable and developing things. You are not emotionally involved, so rotation doesn’t bother you.

Downsides: This relationship can bother you if you like to combine work with private relationships and you lack a true soul mate in the team.

3. Everyone plays for oneself

You are a band by name only. Everyone tries to play something for themselves and show their own best side. There is no open hostility, but there are some gentle attempts to chew from projects or subtle denunciations to the boss.

Advantages: You focus exclusively on yourself and your development, which in some situations can have a positive effect on your career.

Downsides: You don’t work together, so many activities have less effect than you could have if you joined forces. Being a single wolf is also often very tiring – in case of problems, you have no one to ask for support. Consider if it’s a team you want to heat up a place for longer.

4. viper nest

If you feel as if you are walking on a mine field every day at work, and every slip-up is immediately used against you, this is a sign that your team is not doing well. When you meet some problems, you can be sure that someone from the team will additionally push a knife into your back. Gossip, scandals, lies and minor malice are the order of the day.

Advantages: None.

Downsides: Exclusively. Our tip: Run away! It’s a pity to lose your nerves to work in such an unfriendly environment.

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