Did you know that there were over 30 million small businesses in the USA? Following the recent economic boom, more people than ever have set up small businesses and enterprises.

However, as a business begins to expand, they need to be sure that they have the IT infrastructure to meet their growing needs. How can a company do this without investing in expensive new premises?

They can take advantage of a colocation service provider.

What is colocation? How can I benefit from a colocation data center? Why not check out our in-depth article below to find out.

1. What is a Colocation Service

A colocation hosting company allows you to place your company servers in its data center. From there, your servers will use the resources of the company and receive the protection of the data center.

This saves each company from purchasing and securing a location for their servers. Businesses can rapidly grow. This is how colocation can help. A colocation service allows them to expand or if needed reduce their footprint in the data center.

2. How does a Colocation Service Work?

A company may see the need to upscale their IT needs. They will calculate their server needs and even begin researching hardware. However, rather than installing the hardware on their premises, they will have them installed in the colocation facility.

From there the colocation service provider will provide the resources needed to run the servers on a day-to-day basis. The purchase and setup of the servers are accomplished by the company themselves, however, the location is provided by the colocation service provider.

3. What if there is a Problem?

The colocation service provider will ensure that the physical location and the resources needed for smooth server running are supplied. This includes power and internet and physical support of the facility.

However, any maintenance or management of individual servers is cared for directly by the company themselves. Some companies, for an extra fee, will provide remote service. This is where qualified IT professionals working in the data center will perform maintenance on behalf of the company.

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4. What are the Advantages?

Colocation services take the pain out of running your servers. They will provide a secure facility with high-speed internet for your servers.

They will also provide the correct environment for your hardware by ensuring that the temperature of the facility maintained at the optimum coolness for your equipment.

Crucially the colocation service provider will ensure that you have a physical disaster mitigation plan. They will plan ahead to prevent physical damage to your server.

5. How Much Does it Cost

There is a number of factors that influence the cost of colocation services, including the following:

  • How many servers do you envision setting up and their physical dimensions?
  • How much internet upload/download will you require?
  • What will your power needs be? Will you be hosting an informative website or mining for Bitcoin.
  • Do you require on-site professionals that will access and maintain your servers? Or will your company handle this themselves?

Colocation Service Providers and Much More

Expanding businesses that are looking for technology solutions that can meet their needs as they upscale their business can benefit from a colocation service. They can provide custom data storage solutions that can be expanded or contracted as the business grows. If you are interested in business life and lifestyle trends, then we are here to help. We research and provide the latest in business trends and developments. Why not follow our feed to see how we can help you stay up to date.


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