Keeping a photo book is a fun and effective way to keep track of your weight loss journey. Taking photos does not only keep you motivated but also helps tell your story. Even though taking photos at the beginning of your journey may seem pointless, seeing the difference as you progress is likely to motivate you. It also is a fun way to help remind you that losing weight can be fun with the right mindset. You can have your photo book or album made by Printed Memories. They help with the design and ship globally.

Before you start designing your weight loss photo book, you must think of the goal you wish to accomplish with it. The following tips will help you design the best weight loss photobook.

1. Pay Attention to the Exterior

The exterior of your photobook is just as important as the interior. It should help kick start your weight loss story. Keep the exterior fun and detailed. The theme should support the story in the interior. There are plenty of cover options. Choose one that matches your needs. Use leather to create a feeling of seriousness and linen for a feel of sophistication.

2. Stick to the Concept

Since your photo book is for documenting your weight loss journey, don’t use it to tell other stories. Stick to the concept from the beginning to the end. Use text to support your images.

3. Think About the Design and Layout

Even though coming up with layouts and designs is the most interesting part of the process, do not get carried away. Take the time to select the best pictures for your photo book.

If you use low-quality photos, the quality of the print will be poor. Choose your lead image carefully. It should be captivating and expressive.

4. Group the Pictures Carefully

Be creative when grouping your pictures. Follow a chronological order to paint a clear picture of your journey. You should be able to capture the attention of a reader from the first page to the end of the book. Picture grouping should be both functional and aesthetic.

5. How Comprehensive Do You Want to be?

How much of your journey do you want to cover? Do you wish to capture the smallest changes? If you add too many photos, your photo book may be overwhelming. If you don’t have enough photos, it may be boring. You should have just enough photos to cover your story.

6. Create a Photo Book Series

Consider creating a photo book series. Use each one of them to document different aspects of your weight loss journey. Use similar themes to create a cohesive feel. You may also use similar covers and naming systems.

7. Be Aware of Colors

Where possible, try to color coordinate. Pay attention to the color palette for every spread. If, for example, you have black and white photos, consider putting them on the page. If there are too many bright colors on a page, the page may appear to be too busy.

8. Create a Focal Point

Consider using your favorite photo as the focal point. Let it have its spread. You can use a photo where you have reached your goal weight as the focal point. You may have it in a full-bleed spread. Consider working with to design your photo book. The customer service is excellent and all photo books are fully customizable. Mixbook is easy to use and convenient. There are hundreds of themes to choose from. Explore until you find the right one.

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