Vaping has really taken off and a rise in its popularity has seen a growing number of apps becoming available to users.

When you are looking to satisfy your vaping needs today it is not just about finding the right eliquid recipe it is also a case of searching out the perfect app to complement your vaping experience

Here are some vaping app ideas to consider downloading on your smartphone.

Vape Boss is much more than just an app

There are loads of new vaping apps appearing regularly but Vape Boss has been around for a while, which gives you a clue as to how useful it is to vapers.

What you get with this app is what can be classed as a one-stop shop which offers you a bit of everything you might be interested in as a vaping enthusiast.

This means you can do a bit of social networking with like-minded vapers and share tips and shopping suggestions with others.

Get some help with the math

Ohm’s Law can be downloaded for free and if you are building coils you want a handy resistance calculator to be able to do the math.

You will discover that there are plenty of Ohm’s law and resistance calculators available for download when you do a search but what you want is one that is simple to use and intuitive, which this app is.

You want to ensure that you enjoy a safe vaping experience and Ohm’s Law is a good way of achieving that aim.

Share your vaping tips

Plenty of us interact via social media channels these days and it makes perfect sense to find an app that combines your love of vaping with the opportunity to meet vaping friends and share tips.

Vaffle is an app that is specifically aimed at combing vaping with networking and it can be really useful to hear other peoples tips and experiences as well as sharing a conversation with others who have the same passion for vaping as you do.

The app is free to download and is available on either Android or iOS devices.

Plenty of recipes to choose from

One of the attractions of vaping to users is the ability to experiment with different recipes and flavors, which is why E-Liquid Recipes is a good app to have on your smartphone.

What this app gives you is the chance to access a large database of eliquid recipes and to create a list of favorites each time you find a combination that you really like.

It also allows you to apply filters such as PG/VG content and nicotine strength.

See how much you have saved

If you have switched to vaping after quitting cigarettes you will no doubt be interested to know how much money you have saved with this decision and even how many cigarettes you have not consumed since you quit.

Vapertrack is an app that allows you to see that sort of information and it can provide a real incentive when you see how much you have saved and even get an idea of how much healthier you might have become since you made the switch. If you want to get more out of your vaping experience and have a smartphone these apps could be just what you are looking for.


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