In the video, Messi survived a serious traffic accident

Messi survived a serious traffic accident

Lionel Messi, the Argentine superstar of Inter Miami, narrowly avoided a traffic accident when his car ran a red light at a busy road intersection.

On Friday, Messi’s car was accompanied by Fort Lauderdale police as it swiftly entered the intersection, disregarding a red light.

Thankfully, the attentive drivers averted an accident for Messi, as reported by the British newspaper “Mirror”. Their vigilance ensured his safety on the road.

According to the British newspaper report, it was unclear whether Messi was the one driving the car, but he was among the passengers, as confirmed by the Argentine TUC Sports channel.

According to a report from the “Agence France Presse,” Messi’s desire for a more peaceful life in the final years of his sports career in the state of Florida was overshadowed by a string of high-profile events that awaited him.

On Sunday, the player will grace the presence of the team’s loyal fans at Inter Miami Stadium. Anticipated to deliver a mesmerizing performance, the show, aptly named “Revelation,” will captivate the audience in the stadium that can accommodate approximately 18,000 spectators. Prepare for an enchanting display where entertainment takes center stage.

Messi will be participating in a grand press conference on the second day, with the possibility of David Beckham joining him.

On Tuesday, a momentous occasion awaits as Messi joins his new teammates for their first comprehensive training session. Notably, a portion of this training will be open to the media, allowing for a glimpse into this highly anticipated event.

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