A video of a tiger betraying its trainer in a live show

Pulled him to the ground and jumped on his back amidst the crowd's screams

tiger betraying its trainer in a live show

While performing avant-garde stunts at the Marina Orfi circus in Lecce, Italy, a tamer was met with an unexpected encounter – an ambush from one of his own tigers. In shock and fear, the tiger attacked its trainer without warning.

On Thursday, December 29th, 2022, Italian media reported a frightening incident involving coach Ivan Orvi (31 years old). He sustained life-threatening wounds to his neck leg and arm – yet he was lucky enough to survive. After being treated at the hospital for some time, Coach Orvi thankfully left with no lasting harm done.

The audience members screamed in terror as they watched the shocking moment of attack play out onscreen. In the video clips, one tiger was seen creeping up behind a trainer who was instructing another while suddenly yanking him to the ground by his leg and leaping onto his back where it proceeded to bite different areas of his body.

To receive medical care, the tiger that initiated the attack was separated from its peers.

While the circus management issued a statement regarding the incident, it said: “Tigers are wonderful animals, and taming them and establishing a relationship of trust with humans is an art that is hundreds of years old. Not only in the circus world, but accidents can happen, and the courage shown by those who practice this profession like Evan is commendable.” “.

For its part, the International Organization for the Protection of Animals (OIPA) said that the attack “is evidence of the need to implement a law that prohibits the appearance of wild animals in circus activities.”

For years, the non-governmental organization associated with many United Nations bodies has asked various governments of the world to reform the law on the exploitation of animals for recreational purposes.

In addition, the head of the organization, Massimo Comparuto, said in a statement: “Behind the circus rehearsals, there are months of deprivation, abuse and suffering. It is not surprising that such incidents occur.”

Komaroto added: “The animals that perform in the circus live captive behind bars in a limited space, and are under constant pressure. They live a life contrary to their nature, and sometimes they rebel.”