Video.. Ukraine uses “popcorn propaganda” to follow up on the Wagner rebellion

Ukraine uses popcorn propaganda

With the great rebellion announced by the Wagner Group against the Russian army, Ukraine seized the opportunity to start its war propaganda, which comes at a “sensitive” time in the Russian impasse.

The armed rebellion, announced by the commander of Wagner’s forces, Yevgeny Prigozhin, against the Russian state sparked internal reactions, most of which focused on calling for rallying around Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Prigozhin was not satisfied with the armed rebellion, but went so far as to challenge Putin, and rejected his speech, while Wagner’s forces said in a statement attributed to him that “Russia will have a new president.”

This “defection” is in the interest of Ukraine, which suffered bloody losses during its confrontations with Wagner in several regions.

Popcorn video

A video spread on Saturday showed a Ukrainian army soldier quietly eating popcorn from his armor while watching on an electronic board the ” Wagner coup attempt “.

And the Ukrainian recruit appeared “relaxed”, while eating popcorn from a large amount, as if he was watching an interesting movie.

The pages that published the video said that the Ukrainian soldier is following the rebellion of the Wagner Group, from the battlefield, as if he is enjoying the Russian-Russian conflict, which is in the interest of his country.

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