Watch.. A man brought a cat to catch a mouse, and the unthinkable happened!

A man brought a cat to catch a mouse

In a funny situation, a man decided to bring a cat he hired to get rid of a mouse that appeared in his kitchen, but the end of the battle was unthinkable.

The pioneers of the social networking site circulated a video clip widely in Chile, in which a man appears holding a broom, inside the kitchen, with a white cat, and seconds later a rat appears, running on the ground quickly, which frightened the cat who jumped and stuck its claws in the kitchen door and started Meowing as if calling for help.

What prompted the man to do the task himself by chasing the mouse with a broom in every corner, while the cat clung to the door screaming at the top of his voice.

The cat’s reaction aroused the ridicule of the observers, who described the situation as unfamiliar, especially since the rat is the bitter opponent of cats, noting that house cats fear everything, while others that live in alleys and streets do not fear mice.

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