Lollipops, or lollies, are a super popular candy choice for the little ones as any parent can likely tell you. If you have a small child who is crazy for lollipops, this could actually give you an edge when it comes time to throw your next birthday party for them. Lollipops are a great option for a party theme and they’re inexpensive, so you aren’t stuck spending a ton on getting things ready for the kids to show up. Today we’ll look at five ways you can use lollies to create a party that kids will remember for years to come.

Lollipop Crafts for Children

Whenever you have a bunch of little ones together, it can be challenging to keep them all on task and busy. If you don’t want to have them running around the place the entire party, crafts and activities are a must for the upcoming event. The good news is that lollies work well for this need so you may not even have to try very hard. Once you get things going, the kids will take care of the rest.

An easy option is to have hundreds of simple lollipops on hand along with scissors and glue. If the kids are small, parents may need to help with this, but it’s a fun time for all. Let the kids build their favourite animal out of the lollipops and their sticks. Make a few on your own before the party starts to inspire the kids and then enjoy seeing what they come up with. There are several examples online if you need help getting in the groove.

Lollipop Birthday Cakes and Cake Pops

When it comes to bringing a children’s party to life, there isn’t much better than the birthday cake. And if your little one is into lollies, you can incorporate that into the excitement. This can be as simple as lining up colourful lollipops along the side of the cake or creating some cake pops that look like lollipops for the kids to munch on. Cupcakes that have lollies crumbled up on top are another option you have for going above and beyond.

If you feel like really going for gold, consider something like this rainbow swirl lollipop cake. It isn’t as difficult as you might imagine and it’s sure to bring scream of joy from all the children at the party. It looks great for Instagram photos, as well. Your candy-loving child will be out of their mind with excitement when they see all the colours and the way the lollies are incorporated into the cake. The best part is it tastes great as well.

Lollipop Gift Bags

Most kid’s parties involve goodie bags and it’s easy to incorporate lollipops into that fun. Those who are a little crafty can really get down to work and create something unique that the kids can take home with them to enjoy after the actual day of the party is long gone. You can also customise the contents of the bay to fit the interests of the child who is the guest of honour for the day.

If you aren’t sure what to add to the goody bags, don’t worry. We have some thoughts to get you started. Things like a small bottle of bubbles, temporary tattoos, mini frisbees, stickers, and glow in the dark items are a great fit. Yo-yos, playing cards, and slide puzzles also work well. You have lollies but think about adding some other snacks like mini chocolate bars and small portions of potato chips and popcorn.

Lollipop Birthday Games

Along with the crafts we mentioned earlier, games are also a good option for kid’s parties. It keeps them busy, can be a lot of fun, and lets the kids blow off a bit of steam. Incorporating lollies into the games might seem perplexing, but there are tons of options once you start thinking about it. Most games can incorporate lollies or other candies if you consider it. Others might have a sweet theme that works with the party without using actual candy.

One example is the everlasting Candyland game. It doesn’t contain real lollipops, but it keeps with the sweet candy theme. Another fun idea is a guessing game. For this to work, you’ll want to find a container that can hold a bunch of lollipops. Decorate the container and fill it up with lollies, making sure you count how many you put inside. The kids can all guess how many are inside and the winner goes home with the whole jar.

Lollipop Party Decorations

When it comes to tying everything together with a party, decorations are essential. Since your kid loves lollies, that means having candy related decorations. This can be as simple or extravagant as you like. You can buy premade decorations or save money by making them on your own. The choice is really yours. There are also dozens of ideas on the Internet if you want to delve into things and do something truly impressive and unique.

Consider making giant lollies to decorate the walkway using Styrofoam circles, wooden dowels, coloured tissue paper, and cellophane. Make party invitations that focus on sweet treats and send them out to the potential party guests. You can even get paper plates that look like candies if you want to go that route. This is an area you can really go as far as you want with. The only real limits are your imagination.

These five options for a kid’s party are sure to make the event go off without a hitch. You’ll also be making a group of kids really happy and offer them entertainment, food, and time with friends at the same time. You can implement all the ideas or just one or two depending on what you’re going for. Regardless of your choice, it’s going to be a party that will be remembered and that’s the most important thing.


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