7 Ways to Boost Your Digital Marketing with Video Transcription

Digital Marketing with Video Transcription


Today, most of the people prefer adding videos to their websites instead of using long paragraphs of content separately. Videos and audios are easy to share and that’s how they go viral easily because they are way more entertaining. By the year 2019, 80-90% of internet traffic will be engaged by video content. The way newspapers and magazines started making room for radio and television, the same thing is happening today with video transcription and content.

However, this doesn’t mean that the concept of content writing is decreasing, not even close. It is just that way of content is changing with the advancement of technology and busier schedules. In fact, video transcription has become essential because of the following reasons:

  • Video transcription is way more appealing to viewers than reading paragraphs and paragraphs of content.
  • Secondly, people who face difficulty in hearing or are deaf they can easily enjoy watching videos with the help of transcription.
  • Lastly and most importantly, video transcription is related to SEO which promotes your website ranking.

Following are the ways which you can use to boost your digital marketing with video transcription. Have a look!

1 – Strong Keyword Strategy

One of the most important aspects of increasing digital marketing is to maximize your keyword strategy with transcriptions. For instance, your keyword is transcription services so you can use phrases like “facts about transcription services” or “how to increase SEO with transcription services” etc. Naturally, the long tail version will repeat a keyword several times in a video. Also, you can adjust titles tag, meta-descriptions, and other tags according to the required keyword.

This way, it will look more natural and you will be able to have more targeted traffic. The general rules are – keep meta-descriptions under 166 characters, titles must be less than 66 characters, and tags under 120 characters. Furthermore, when people surf the internet they usually type 3 to 4 words on Google instead of typing a specific word so make sure to use words which are relevant and increase search engine optimization.

2 – Use Personalized Captions

If you have been using YouTube’s auto-caption function then you must know that it is usually riddled with errors. The main reason for this error is the speech recognition tool which is affected by vocabulary and background noise. They are not useful as they are not linked to YouTube or Google. In order to make your captions noticeable, you must create your own captions. From SEO point of view, Google and YouTube rust them and you get better ranking.

3 – Create Interesting Transcripts for User Engagement

Engaging viewers is one of the most important aspects to increase digital marketing. According to a study, 94% of the students find video transcript more useful and it helps them to focus and learn in a better way. A high rate of videos is made for educational purposes like software guides and full courses. Hence, you must make accurate and informative transcripts to engage viewers.

4 – Add Transcript in the Description Field

Platforms like Vimeo and YouTube provide an option of description so you can describe your video in a few words. Paste your transcript in this description box but make sure to paste a short but interesting transcript to gain peoples’ attention.

5 – Add Multilingual Subtitles

According to a report, only 20% of YouTube viewers are from the United States which means that rest of the viewers are from different regions of the world. Consider adding multilingual subtitles for your followers. This way, your website will be ranked on non-English search pages as well. To find out your site’s demographics, check out YouTube or Google.

6 – Consider Different Publishing Methods for Transcription

Apart from using a description box or a separate blog post, you can also try other practices. For example, you can go for a video scheme mark-up. An interactive transcript is the newest form which is usually shown next to the video source.

Two major forms of interactive transcripts are “Ted Talks – use an entire paragraph” and highlight particular words which are spoken. However, if you have longer videos, consider using a separate page for description and add it to your video sitemap.

7 – Publish Content Consistently

At the end of the day, it is a game of high-quality and engaging content so make sure to publish transcripts and captions consistently. Consistency is the key especially when it comes to search engine optimization. When you publish unique and trendy content on regular basis, your site will attain more attention of Google which definitely influences SEO ranking.

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