5 Ways to Get a Wonderful Weekends


5 Ways to Get a Wonderful Weekends

Are you planning to have wonderful weekends read our list to find our how:

  1. Surprise your partner with an unexpected three-day weekend. Arrange it ahead of time with his or her boss and staff. This may take some time to coordinate just right, but the payoff is well worth it! Just picture the scene:It’s a typical Friday morning. You both get up at your usual time. You shower and get dressed. Over breakfast you turn to your unsuspecting partner and say, “Oh, by the way, we’ve both got the day off work today. What would you like to do?”
  2. After your partner recovers from the shock and showers you with kisses and thank-yous you get to plan the day together. What are you going to do?? Go back to bed and sleep til noon? Go back to bed and make love? Go for a drive? Go shopping? Go out for lunch?
  3. The surprise get-away weekend is a romantic classic. Find a quaint bed and breakfast or picturesque inn. Pack bags for both of you, and whisk your partner away upon his or her arrival home from work!
  4. What if you have a house full of kids? Try the “Distraction Diversion”: Rent several of your kids’ favorite movies; buy a ten-pound bag of popcorn and a bunch of juice boxes. The kids sit hypnotically in front of the TV while the two of you escape upstairs for some “quality time” together.
  5. Select a theme for the weekend based on a type of movie. (It could be a film genre, like westerns, science fiction or musicals; or it could be based on a favorite actor or character in a movie.) Rent three movies that match the theme and then: Rent costumes that match the theme! Exercise your creativity and sense of fun with a little fantasy


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