When you think of a garden shed, most people think of a place to store your tools and lawn equipment. However, there is a new wave of people who are using their sheds as a place of relaxation and a way to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. A sanctuary. Others use it as an office. There are so many ways that you can configure your shed to maximize both space and functionality.

Of course if you don’t have a shed in your backyard, you’ll want to build one. Believe it or not you can Do It Yourself very easily with a handy shed building guide like the premium 3D shed plans found here. These days it is so easy to do that you can have it built in a few short days and save money.

Here are 5 ways to get the most from your garden shed.

Electrify Your Garden Shed

Outfitting your garden shed with electricity has multiple benefits. An electrical source can help with small tasks that you may need to perform in your shed: using an air compressor to re-inflate flat wheelbarrow tires or power wash your equipment, for workshop lights to make small repairs or when completing a project, to power a small fridge for cold drinks or snacks, for outdoor lighting needs like motion lights or party lights, or for a reading lamp, should you choose to turn a portion of your garden shed into a relaxing sanctuary spot.

If running electricity to your shed is not practical, you can add a small solar panel for an electrical source or a small, quiet, generator. Both have their pros and cons but are good options if running electrical wiring is not an option.

Raising the Roof on your Shed

Adding a second story to your shed has multiple benefits. You can get many such suggestions at true blue sheds. Limiting yourself to a small area for all of your tools, larger equipment, and supplies will quickly make your shed into a catch- all dumping grounds. By adding a second story to your shed, you can separate areas for storage, tools, and equipment. With totes, you can store Christmas decorations away, out of season, and have your gardening equipment and supplies accessible during spring and summer. If you want a sanctuary shed area, you can make the second story into your private getaway, while maintaining an equipment shed below.

Add a Path to Your Shed

Creating a path to your shed is a must. Not only will it make it easier to go back and forth with lawn equipment and accessories, it will connect your shed to your home with a designated path. You may use: gravel, paving stones, bricks, or some combination to achieve a path. Get creative. Do you want it to be: modern, formal, or rustic? The choice is completely yours. Add a white stone path with a flower border to make it more feminine. Use gravel or pavers for a more masculine flare.  Get more ideas here.

Ways to Get the Most from Your Garden Shed

Deck it Out

Why should decks be limited to the house? Adding a deck to your shed can have several benefits. You can have a place for lounge chairs, to sit when you are enjoying a cool beverage in between tasks. You can also use your deck to dry off washed down equipment; the slots in the deck will act as a self-draining mechanism. A desk space can serve as a party area; add a grill and you can have an impromptu gathering on your shed deck. The possibilities are endless with what you can do with your new outside venue.

Ventilation Goes a Long Way

Windows and doors can add a classic look to your shed while serving the functional purpose of air movement and ventilation. On a hot day having the ability to open a few windows will help keep your shed cooler and reduce the buildup of heat and odors. Large doors can help you to move in lawn mowers and other equipment with ease. As an added bonus, the right windows and doors will make your shed look warm and welcoming. While you at it, add some paint, trim, and curtains can make your shed look beautiful, as well as being practical. The better care you take care of your shed, the longer it will last. Paint and trim can give it a customized look. Curtains are very individual and will help make you feel like your shed is completely your own. If you really want to go all out, you can have different curtains for different seasons. The choice is completely yours.

Sheds can be multi-purpose and as multi-functional as you want them to be. They can be a catch all for all of your garden and lawn care equipment, or they can be a great addition to your home by adding storage and relaxation space. They more time you put into caring for your shed, the longer it will last.


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