A hot car is not only uncomfortable for you and your passengers; it can also cause more wear and tear. From faded paint and damaged tires to burnt oil and cracked rubber gaskets, keep your car protected this summer with these three inexpensive ways to stay cool.

Window Visor

A classic way to reflect a lot of heat from your car is a window visor. These popular sun shades help prevent the interior of your car from dramatically rising in temperature, but doesn’t offer any protect for your car’s engine and other components. Search for auto store locations near me to grab one for your vehicle.

Crack a Window

A free way to dial down the temperature is to simply leave a window cracked. A slightly open window shouldn’t attract attention or increase the chance of your vehicle being stolen, but it will allow hot air to escape. It’s a free alternative to purchasing a new piece of gear. However, just like a window visor, it may not help you protect your internal components.

Find a Cool Parking Spot

An ideal way to lower the temperature in and around your car is to find a cool, shady spot. Whether you park under a tree, in a parking garage or in a conditioned space, a cool parking spot can keep your interior comfortable, protect your paint job and keep your tires cool and responsive.

Protect Your Car Today

Too much heat can reduce the effectiveness of your oil, fade your interior and compromise your tires. However, these three simple tips can’t replace routine maintenance. Be sure you take time to rotate your tires, change your oil and perform other tasks to improve the lifespan of your vehicle. Use this oil filter lookup by vehicle to get started with your routine maintenance schedule this summer. Don’t forget to give your car a cool resting spot while you soak up the summer sun.

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