Considering how trendy indoor gardening is, it’s vital to assess ways to lower down its overall price. This way, you can indeed only not only save cash for improvement of your personalized garden but also ensure not getting into any financial burden because of this hobby. However, ample time investment is what you can’t skip when aiming to include greenery into your home such that it blends with the ambiance.

This article discusses numerous ways to reduce your overall maintenance costs while significantly focusing on doing some good for the environment. Apart from setting a budget, you also need to look into ways to make the entire process feasible on the monetary end. Eco-friendliness should be your aim while carrying out your research.

● Make tiered planters with furniture

Instead of burning or selling your wooden furniture, it’s handy to convert that old wood into something that houses plants and blends perfectly. You can suitably put these over each other and incorporate seeds of flower plants or whichever you fancy. It’s vital to plan specific details like, which seeds to pick and how symmetric you’re going to be with this structure. You can place them in the living room and watch your seeds turn into beautiful and healthy seedlings.

As your seeds grow, this structure will gradually match with what you had in mind while planning things out. Meanwhile, look for adequate nutrient supply, be assured about the quality of substance you’re putting in the soil, and be patient. You can come up with multi-tiered planters by ensuring favorable lighting conditions. As grow lights don’t have to be expensive, your indoor garden should have feasible conditions for these seeds to take a life.

● Assess what you can reuse

Most of the houseplants are bought at a higher cost than regular outdoor plants, and this makes indoor gardening look like costly affair. However, if done smartly with a little creativity, indoor gardening can be considered at a much lower cost.  One needs to figure out things that can be reused from the junk as planters. Items like glass jars, broken concrete, or even old metal buckets can be utilized as planters. When it comes to planters, it doesn’t matter what you are using as long as the plant grows healthy and exquisite.

These items not only reduce the cost efficiently, but also allow you to showcase your creativity. However, you also need to ensure that you don’t go overboard with the use of upcycled junk as this may cause your garden to look like an extended backyard.

● Go for seeds instead of seedlings

While generally, gardeners opt for seedlings for their garden, be it indoor or outdoor, seeds come at a lower cost.  You can easily cut down abortion from your budget by merely switching to seeds instead of seedlings. It’s wise to go for a bit expensive seeds instead of investing in seedlings that increase the upfront cost of your seed growing setup.

Moreover, when you grow from a seedling, for chances of it developing to a healthy plant, two separate soil environments need to be endured. Whereas a seed, if transformed into a sapling, doesn’t leave its single home environment which you can keep at par.

● Grow chemical-free

Garden soil can easily be bought at hobby stores or nurseries; however, a cost-efficient method of refreshing your soil is to prepare manure at home.  Chemical fertilizers are not only costly but also in some way or the other, harm the soil. Instead, if you switch to composting pits using your kitchen waste, you can save a few bucks and also switch to eco-friendly gardening.

You can minus the use of weedicides totally by plucking them out yourself, for insects too, you can go for natural alternatives such as neem oil. In this way, you can keep both your plants and your home chemical free and reduce pollution.

● Don’t hesitate from assisting hands

You might have kept it as an intended decision to plan every parameter of your indoor garden on your own. However, you’ll either get to learn or end up curating a learning environment for those you share which nuances you faced before your garden became what it is today.

Firstly, this will reduce your burden when it comes to putting efforts into keeping up with every minute detail of the garden. Plus, you can get to know some of the good practices only when reaching out for helping hands.


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